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Conversational Intelligence That's More Human

SoundHound voice-enables cars, devices, services, apps and more so humans can interact with technology like they do with each other—by speaking naturally.
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Houndify Illustration
Houndify Illustration
Our independent voice AI platform allows brands in a wide range of industries to add conversational interfaces and wake words to any hardware, software, or mobile app. Built on our proprietary Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technology, Houndify delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Houndify Illustration

See SoundHound Voice AI in Action

See Houndify Voice AI In Action
See Houndify Voice AI In Action

Advanced Voice AI Products

We're helping top brands in automotive, entertainment, hospitality, the IoT, and telecom to voice-enable their hardware, services, and mobile apps with voice assistants that drive brand value, increase customer satisfaction, and inform company roadmaps.

Featured Brands

Our Speech-to-Meaning® engine delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy, while our Deep Meaning Understanding® technology allows users to ask multiple questions and filter results all at once. With custom wake words and custom domains, maintain your brand and keep your customers. It's that simple.
Snap Inc.
Deutsche Telekom


Houndify - Fast & Accurate
Houndify - Fast & Accurate
SoundHound's advanced voice AI platform is powering exceptional voice assistants in innovative products and services across industries. The one-step language processing of our Speech-to-Meaning engine delivers faster response times. Our Deep Meaning Understanding® technology enables natural conversations and accurate results to complex and compound queries.
Houndify - Fast & Accurate

Collective AI® Vision

Houndify - Collective AI
Houndify - Collective AI
Collective AI is the actualization of SoundHound’s mission to deliver a powerful architecture that encourages contribution and collaboration among developers. Our platform is always learning, is crowdsourced to domain experts, and is larger than the sum of its parts—ensuring that our clients’ voice solutions continue to grow smarter in the future.
Houndify - Collective AI
SoundHound App
Our SoundHound App applies Houndify's advanced voice AI technology to music, enabling people to discover, explore, and share the music around them. SoundHound has more than 315 million downloads, helping people all over the world discover billions of songs—and even find the name of a song by simply singing or humming.
SoundHound App
The fastest and smartest voice assistant available, our Hound App is built on the Houndify platform with its advanced Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies. Hound is the fastest and most accurate way for people of all ages to search for information the way they talk to a friend—through natural conversation.
“The Voice Scan feature brings a new, needed way to find a lens quickly and easily if you're looking for something specific.”

Building a Voice-First World

At Soundhound, we're building a world where people can talk to the things around them as naturally as they would each other. Houndify, our independent voice AI platform, allows developers to build custom voice assistants for any product or service anywhere around the globe.

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SoundHound Voice AI Platform Certifications

AICPA certificateA-LIGN_ISO-27001 certificateANAP certificateA-LIGN_ISO-27701 certificate
At Soundhound, we believe every brand should have a voice. As the leading innovator of conversational technologies, we’re trusted by top brands around the globe.