"This is probably the most challenging record
you have ever put on your turntable.."

[MC Serch]
The facts, the facts get fried like your eggs scrambled
truth until it falls off the ledge lays dead or vexed
Tennis feds(?) need the last price, gassed ego
He don't show or know about the last nights and days
of a brother who went for his
My land built on hatred and sent to kids
Ice Cube killed his own and it was square biz
So if I say fuck you to a jew, you know what time it is
Of my own kind but not of my own mind
Came to America but became blind
Chased from the four corners of the earth
But over here it's alright, at least your ass is white
So sit down and mingle with the devil over supper
The only difference between us and a brother is the color
Instead of hittin the last nail in the coffin try to pull it out
And find out what the hard but true is all about

It's hard.. but it's true
The hard but the true
It's hard.. but it's true
The hard but the true
So hard.. but so true
The hard but the true
It's hard.. but it's true
The hard but the true

[MC Serch]
Hard, what? Truth sometimes too hard to be true
So I'ma make it stick like glue
Too many times too many crimes get backed up
Case comes up, oops! Switch all the facts up
Three kids rape a sister at St. John's
and become graduates, instead of cons
Instead of washin drawers or be somebody's whore
College wack buffed and polished and they kept the doors closed
Jail time (yeah?) Wasn't even fazin 'em
Probably one of the fathers gave the school a gymnasium
Korean kills a girl and claims insane, and gets a pardon?
Bring her honor to the court of Nickerson Garden
And get a lifetime sentence of the bent over
Tell a fool, tell a friend and then sent over
Hollow point slugs made of nothin but lead
The hard but true is takin you straight to the head


[MC Serch]
Reggie McBride, yeah..
Asalaam alaikum to a Muslim
Shalom alaikum is the same to a Hebrew
Peace akeem, akeem peace to a Zulu
Tell me what's the difference why you riffin what's the point of view?
Universal greeting is the same
The game is three-sixty it don't matter what the slang
Gangs of thugs carry slugs use the mind as a glock 9
Wake the ones then shake the ones
then make the ones come into the daytime
And spark the mark labelled X
And knowledge the text
Use the wit not as a whip reload the clip then shoot from the hip
Cause yo! This is some ol' next shit
One circle, one hurdle, one jump
One nation under the groove, and then over the hump
of racist dogs, that keep barkin in the street
Serch'll bring the hard but true to your feet, complete!

It's hard.. but it's true
The hard but the true
It's hard.. but yo, it's true
The hard but the true
It's hard.. but it's true
The hard but the true
So hard.. so true
The hard but the true

Yeah Wolf & Epic, cool
Ay you, ay you ay you, ay you ay you
Ay you, it's hard but it's true
Ay you, ay you ay you ay you
It's hard but it's true, you hebrew or you jew
Your christian, your muslim, your islam, your brother, your sister
It's hard but it's true.. peace

Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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