In California [Repeat: x4]

Rollin' down Crenshaw Boulevard
Starin' at these suckers who claim to be hard
Daz Dillinger and the Gang
Who can blast and gangbang

Who gives it up for every hooker rat and hood slut
All in the cut Dat Nigga Daz with the pimp strut
You slept game on those who act lame
See ain't a damn thing changed
You know I ride the neighborhood slow
Floss on you and let the wind blow
True indeed I'm havin' a ball
Pick up the phone and give my homies a call
What's up with y'all? (What's up y'all?)
Livin' in the city where we born to ball
Rolled up a Philly we pack it tight
What a pity what a sight
And hella Chronic all damn night
Got the weed it got me kinda feelin' so high
Hennessy got a brother so feelin' so high
Pull outta state enjoy my day and I love to burn rubber
Pump up the jam for the summer
Gimme Eureka Snoop got the Hummer
Kinda make you wanna sit back and wonder

The home of the city of the Crips and the Bloods
And nigga get shot oh who they thought you was
The home of the cities of the gangsters and bud
Or you can get bad oh who they thought you was

Ooh damn back by a popular demand
Daz Dillinger back in effect homey once again
The question is why y'all got a problem with me gettin' high
Say the wrong thing get right
Prepare in effect homies are prepared everywhere
Causin' ruckus all bein' fair
Daz Dillinger finally alone in my zone
Be by myself in a place that I call home
Check it out peep out the scenery
Ya meanin' to me nuthin' to me ya keep frontin' to me
I hit you up Dogg Pound all come around
Lay 'em all down homies be frontin' for they town
Throw it up Eastside Westside bumpin'
California's the state where we be dumpin' what!


Here I am stompin' down choppin' down yo compound
Knockin' all y'all out thirty seconds in the first round
Who come around get destroyed off contact
Realize and understand homey you don't want that
Check it out let's engage in military actin'
Women dope and drama keep me yackin'
Bump all that bullsh(it) you yappin'
Them beats and that bullsh you yappin'
I'm about all busy boggin' and cappin'
Pistol packin' you don't really want none of this action
Homey, you betta watch out 'cause nothin' can save ya
Tattooein' y'all with razors
Blazen that it didn't penetrate him but I grazed him
Now they callin' Daz unusual playa hater
Back on the spot feelin' high
Watchin' as the cops pass by
Smokin' fire homey I ain't lyin'
Who the man from Long Beach, California to Japan
Rockin' like wonder MC homey without a band in hand
A why can't control the whole scene
Watch it unfold get scold get blown away
Any other rapper pay dearly severely y'all come and hear me
Damn you get bruised battered & slammed
Niggas try to see who I am Dat Nigga Daz

[Chorus: x2]

Copyright: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Daz Dillinger - In California
daz dillinger - in california
Daz Dillinger - In California (Explicit)
Daz Dillinger - In California
Daz Dillinger feat Lady V - In California (Album Version) Music Video
In California - Daz Dillinger & Lady "V" [ Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back ] --((HQ))--
Daz Dillinger Feat. Lady - V - In California
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