I'm the Ladies Love, legend in leather
Long and lean, and I don't wear pleather
Last of the red hot loving MC's
Looking for a little, that's my theory
It goes quick like lightning, too exciting
Lover of ladies, don't allow biting
Level-headed leader, toy boy feeder
Good love life and a rhyme biter beater
Looking, learning, the one you're liking
Listen and you will love what I'm writing
Ladies love, long, hard and lean
And now you know what L.L. means

Let's get ill!
Come on now
Let's get ill!
Let's get ill!
Let's get ill!

Lightning in the sky, L.L. don't lie
I can hold a larger load than those other little guys
My literature is the land's highest law
The man of the brand, one you look out for
I'm loose like the lace in your brand new sneaker
Release the bass in your face like a large Vega speaker
Listen to my rhyme
Here to satisfy the listeners who stood on line
Bought tickets to see me kick it and wasn't late
The love every little bit of the cuts he creates
First not last, leader of the class, see
From London, Long Beach, and down to Tallahassee
Ladies are pleased, I'm not wearing Lee's
The Kangol is mine, the godfather is E
I bust your lip, my level won't slip
Clocking crazy dollars on the L.L. tip
Come on!


Loose with the ladies, loud like a ref
When I die, there will be no lovers left
I'm the little girl liker, legendary writer
Let's see, I never lost cause I burn like a lighter
My love is long and my lyrics rock loud
Lurking shadow in the shadows like Little McLoud
I'm the Ladies Love, lyrical lord in the club
Ladies Love, the man you dream of


Never ever lost, not lonely or alone
You can call me the last Capone
Not a little kid playing with garbage can lids
Don't need a legal lawyer, I ain't doing no bid
Cause the ladies know my bass is low
Rocking L after L ever since the intro
Liberace couldn't rock it like the long-legged pro
Two legs, not four like Lassie, I don't eat Alpo
Come on


All over the land they listen to my jams
Like a cherry lollipop when you're licking your hand
I'm popping and locking, so I can give you a list
All of my lyrics are swift, so the losers never riff
I love giving em bliss, having my name on the list
I'm the life of the party and my rhymes are priceless
Each jam is like a lesson other rappers must learn
Cold laugh cause they don't like it every time I return
Come on

[Chorus: x2]

Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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