I go to town on you
Beat the crown off you
Beat the clothes off you try'na get the hounds off you
Nigga fightin' back is only gonna make it worse
I don't respect your little punches I'mma make it hurt
A cold lead shower, a hot blood bubble bath
Throw him in the acid and get rid of the gooey mess
Turn that nigga into special sauce, chill lord
I'm not a killer but you pushin' me to set it off
And I'mma lash out, and I'mma mash out
Laughin', I'm wicked, blow the hash and the kush down
Focus on the bread when niggas try to gaffle me
That's when I treat 'em with force and brutality
My palms keep itchin' my money don't stop
Cause my work keep clickin'
I got it bolt locked
Gang of Indians that smoke the peace pipe dolo
Excuse you cause when it's murder, I solo

Word collision, I talk reckless
Position precious stones in the necklace
Little doggy this is chess not Tetris
You little cold sore I spray the cloroseptic
Relentless aura cryptic black hoody discus
Ellsworth Bump and the Dutch man back to business
Car bombers, tommy gun spinnin' bullets spit at a witness
Mix the K too to eucalyptus playing
Pistol in hand, rock 'em to sleep like tryptophan
Then douse the weapon and spic and span
Your triggers jam
I shoot fast like Vinnie the Microwave
Roll a spliff with a Bible
Boogie board on a tidal wave
Very groovy, prosthetic limbs by Louis
Rap pornographic snuff movie, burn a loosey
Denim durag, Cavalli kufi,
The brolic finger ring is excrement
The chain's dookie

All the time, everytime
My gun erupt, my money climb
My bitch fine, I dress clean
But I'm a dirty New Yorker out that killer Queens
I eat good, I rap great
My life is fuckin' awesome, yeah fuckin' a
I take off, this launch pad
To zero gravity, I float, I don't fall, I can't
So high, it's no coming down
So fly, I just might go south
MIA, water sports
You leave me be, or it'll be a holocaust
Homicides, prison time
Hospital emergency when it's dinner time
Eat a skull, eat a spine
He in bad shape, he can't be identified
Bet a nigga never think twice
Cause his first thought'd be don't do it
Bet that bitch slide up and down with her mouth for this thug music

Copyright: Royalty Network
Writer(s): ALAN MAMAN, Albert Johnson

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