Yea, yea, pussy homosexual
Gang, gang, in this muffucka turning up with this man one time
Man, Moneybag on the beat
Muhfuckin' broski, feel me?

Pussy homosexual
Cookie ain't original
Yuh my niggas X and O's
Smokin' gas, Texaco
Found the plug in Mexico
All my diamonds eskimo
Off the Perc, I text the most
Rob the nigga, flex the most
Flex like international
Grab her ass and squeeze her throat
Bitches like to fuck with coke
Trenches I'm they only hope
Treat my like a fuckin' goat
Shooter, I cannot get poked
Pussy, he don' wan' no smoke
Nut, he a actually blow
Turn you to a casserole
Chiraq gotta ride with gats
Molly, weed, perks, and X
Gotta keep yo' niggas close
Never know who next to go
You broke, what you slackin' for?
Killas they get cracked the most
Bronem got my back the most
System hate the Blacks for sure
Shorty they be coo coo gang
They don' ever ask to blow
Bitch, what you jappin' fo'?
My lil' bitch is sexual
Nope, I can't save a hoe
Bro, whatchu save her for?
Drugs, I could take a whole
Traffic, I could take a pole
No, drugs take it no (gang)
They'll take your soul (bitch)
Bitch, just play your role
Nobody know
Home invasion
If nobody home
Gotta felony, if his body hung
Got my guns wit me
Ain't no body guard
And I'm hard body
Even though my body hard
I don't know if Nuski save me, it's probably God
Lil' bro, he be shootin', lil' bro he a asshole, uh
Killer and the snitch, call him Donnie Brasco
How you hang with gangsters, they don't know you tattle?
Lost Tanya to cancer, man, I wish she battled
Caught that nigga lackin', man, I wish we got him
Glad we didn't get him, looked up sight the camera
My bitch got a grill, she from Alabama
And that bitch is savage, she ain't got no manners
She dropped outta school just to fuck a scammer
Told her he gon' get a car and get her off the cameras
Bitches love drugs, I just gave her Xannies
She don't swallow nut, call that lil' bitch petty
I just need my cheese, I just need my fetty
[?] eight track, I might get some becky
All black Glock, just to match the Dickies
And I brought my bitch a watch to match Meek and Nicki
Had to jump up at the gang, shit was gettin' tricky
If it feel like I can't trust you, then I'm up and blickin'
And I'm vegetarian, fuck some chicken
And you ain't your scariest, you duckin' niggas

I'on' fuck wit niggas
Especially them sucka niggas
You know what I'm sayin'
Spittin' facts man, man 1000
Huh, 1K

Copyright: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Writer(s): Durk D. Banks

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