Doggin' em
Hah ah uh ah uh
Here We Go

I bring you up and then you bring me down
Now how you gonna clown the top dogg in the pound
Girl, my repretois is for the paw
See when you roll with Doggy Dogg
Baby you roll like a stalk
Plus sees you eats swell seven days of the week
I take you from the streets to the sweets
Know you a super freak
With brothers on your jock now
Word around town now
Baby girl got the platinum pay now
And everybody want to hit it, It's so hard to hold on to it
Once you get it, Now that I got it
I'm in a twist and I'm fallin' in love
I told th homies I ain't hangin' out, fuck the club
Cause I'm payin' rent and cookin' her dinner
I'm feelin' like a loser when I know I'm a winner
I'm snoopin' tripin' caught in a love maze
My mama used to say it be dayz like this man
Microphone check, uh microphone check
Microphone check, (Mr. Dal, Mr. Dal, Mr. Dalvin Remix)
Uh huh uh huh
Microphone check, uh microphone check
Microphone check, (Mr. Dal, Mr. Dal, Mr. Dalvin Remix)
That's right K-Ci

Isn't it funny
The things you said and done to me
You said you want me
But now lady I want to be free (That's right, that's right)
You lied to me
You said you never would play me (Uh huh)
But I found out that you were lying
All the time

You pick me up (oh oh)(That's right)
And you bring me down (Bring me down) (No doubt)
When I thought I found in you solid ground (oh)
You turn my smile (You turn my smile)
Into a frown (Into a frown)
Girl you promised that you'd never let me down
(mm, you made me say oh oh oh)
And now you're not around
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (JoJo help me, mm)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (Eweee, ah ah ooh ooh, yeah yeah)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (Can I get a witness)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (I could go on and talk a little 'bout me)
Listen, this

When I was up
Girl you brought me down (That's right)
Played me like a clown
Thought I'd stay around
So you could, you could abuse me
Take my heart and use me
And you see I'm still around
For your talk and for your smile


There is something I have to say
Something I can't delay
You hurt me so bad
And you made me feel so sad (that's right)
It's a feeling I can't explain
I won't let you wreck my brain
You said you'd never hurt me (ohohohohhhh)
But then you go and desert me, baby
They say pimpin' ain't easy but it's a whole lot of fun
Unless you gettin' pimped and you ain't the only one
She had me drankin' smokin' losin' my mind
Outta control, I had to slow my roll
I was rollin in the fast lane
Thought I was the Superman, but I was the Snooperman
It was no need for me to be frownin'
An it was no need for her to keep clownin'
Effect for Jo jackin' chips stacks none
Keep it on the lo lo
K-Ci and Jo Jo
Brought me up, so I could bring you down
Cause we know for slappin' ???
I guess you didn't ???
What you do about little
We do it by the bigger
Back off cause these is my niggas
Put my finger on the ground
Put a G dogg on the pound
If a bitch can't swim she bound to drown


Copyright: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Writer(s): Gerald Baillergeau, Joel M. Hailey, Richard Cedric Hailey

K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up
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