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One of the most downloaded music apps globally, we capture and engage the highly desirable and dynamic mobile consumers. More than users, SoundHound creates fans who are curious, influential, trendsetting, loyal, and tech-savvy. They lean in and explore the music they love and have been searching for, along with our curated content, videos, LiveLyrics, charts and much more.


Valuable SoundHound users are influential, social and tech-savvy mobile consumers

Exploration: Engaging your Best Consumers

Quick and accurate results lead us to using SoundHound to discover, explore, and share music + entertainment content and features:

  • Featured Song Streams
  • Interactive Global Music Map
  • Trending Artists, Songs, Albums
  • Music Events
  • Song Charts
  • LiveLyrics
  • Sharing
  • Continued Listening via streaming music partners
Creating Value and Results for your Brands

SoundHound's team will work with you to reach, target, and connect with your best consumers. We deliver everything from simple, turnkey solutions to native and integrated custom opportunities, enabling your brand to connect with our users on their musical journeys with a full range of advertising solutions. Whether you are looking to reach your targeted audience with high impact solutions or strong engagement ROI, we have a proven track record with big and small brands delivering results.

Brands we've worked with:

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