Add voice AI to anything
Integrate voice and conversational intelligence into your products
through an independent platform that is always learning. Customize, innovate,
and differentiate while maintaining your own brand and users.
Houndify Features
We offer support for the following:
Speech Recognition
Speech to Meaning
Deep Meaning
Natural Language
Audio & Music
Custom Wake
Knowledge Graphs
Text to Speech
Developer Tools
Cloud Data Storage
& Learning
Custom Commands
* More in
Private Beta
*Private beta features include: beam forming, echo cancellation, emotion detection, fingerprint identification, automatic language translation, voice biometrics, iris recognition, image recognition, face recognition, and more.
Houndify Solutions
We have components to help you build your AI strategy.
Contact us to discuss custom AI solutions.

Integrate a powerful, flexible and scalable voice-enabled conversational intelligence into your product, service or business and instantly simplify your user interface.

Our technology combines both Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) into one engine, resulting in dramatically increased speed & accuracy.

The Houndify Platform offers 125+ Domains of Understanding, Knowledge Graphs and redistribution rights from content providers - over 4x more Domains than Siri, Google and Cortana. Your product, platform or service can be powered by Houndify.

Custom (Private) Domains
Create a custom domain for your business.
Custom Wake Words
Make your product respond to a custom wake word of your choice, similar to "Ok Hound..."
Custom Recognition Models
Create custom recognition models for noise, acoustic conditions, or unusual vocabulary.
Product Integration Support
Receive support with integration of Houndify SDKs and Domains in your products.
Powered by Houndify
Our Speech-to-Meaning™ engine delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy, while our Deep Meaning Understanding™ technology allows users to ask multiple questions and filter results all at once. With custom wake words and custom domains, you maintain your brand and you keep your customers. It’s that simple.
Add Voice AI to Anything