Soundhound Help > Getting Started with SoundHound > Searching Hands-Free with "OK Hound"

SoundHound is now hands-free! Use your voice to find songs, play tracks, or add songs to your playlist. You can even discover more information about an artist or a song. Try it out the next time you’re driving, cooking, studying, working, and so on.

Just open up SoundHound and say the trigger phrase: “OK Hound”

That’ll start a voice search, and you can make a bunch of requests, such as:

“What song is playing right now?”
“Add this song to my Spotify playlist.”
“Play Woman Woman by AWOLNATION”
“Show me popular Michael Jackson songs from the 80s.”
“What’s Justin Timberlake’s latest song?”
“What are the most popular searches right now?”

You now have access to all things music-related right at the tip of your tongue!

Note: You can mute the spoken response, and find more helpful tips, in the "OK Hound..." section of the SoundHound app settings.