Jan 14, 2020

A Voice-Enabled World Highlighted at CES 2020

Another exciting CES just wrapped up last week and we came away inspired and energized by all the innovation and creativity. Some of the biggest highlights of CES 2020 were about the latest in voice-enabled cars, gadgets and services. This year’s event was also dominated by automaker exhibits demonstrating next-generation vehicle tech, including self-driving vehicles, concept cars, connected vehicles and in-car voice assistants. Voice interfaces were also prominently featured in the IoT industry’s exhibits including in new appliances and robots.

Auto tech at CES was all about reducing distractions and increasing convenience by creating seamless, hands-free experiences for drivers. Here’s our quick roundup our highlights from CES:

Honda reveals new personal assistant — powered by Houndify

This year, Honda Xcelerator, a global, open innovation program from Honda Innovations, and SoundHound Inc. appeared together to introduce the new “Honda Personal Assistant.”

Visitors were able to see demos of the responsiveness and accuracy of the new “Honda Personal Assistant,” powered by Houndify’s proprietary Speech-to-Meaning™ and Deep Meaning Understanding™ technologies. The improvements and rapid transformation of in-car voice experiences as demonstrated by Honda were highlighted in this video report below by Autoline:

iHeartRadio announces a host of new automotive integrations

Innovations in auto tech included several new automotive integrations announced by iHeartRadio. Among them is the media company’s partnership with our Houndify Voice AI platform and Hound App. The partnership brings iHeartRadio’s vast library of music and podcast content to millions of our users.

Read about all iHeartRadio’s newest auto integrations in their press release.

Mercedes-Benz reveals concept car inspired by the movie ‘Avatar’

Mercedes-Benz, an early adopter of voice-enabled technology for their MBUX system — powered by our Houndify Voice AI platform — created a lot of buzz with a sleek and unique concept car inspired by the movie Avatar. The concept car is meant to be both sustainable and autonomous. The vehicle uses biometrics in combination with eco-friendly innovations, such as recyclable batteries, to create a futuristic driving experience. Read more here.

A full day of voice tech sessions at CES

Voice@CES was an entire day of keynotes, brand case studies, and research and trends presentations from a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, transportation, smart homes, entertainment and gaming, and enterprise. Voice tech’s best and brightest came to speak and listen. Check out the line-up of speakers who were at this year’s show. You can watch the entire session in this video below:

Lucrative potential of the connected vehicle ecosystems

Since the automotive industry was the first to fully embrace and implement voice assistants into their products, it’s not surprising that automakers will be at the forefront of the push to monetize their investment in voice. PYMNTS highlighted some of the voice partnerships that will be behind the future connected car. Many of these partnerships were announced at CES with more announcements expected in the near future.

Backing the drive toward a connected car are the compelling statistics behind a connected economy that have already been gathered. PYMNTS has recently released a report supporting the potential for revenue through voice AI systems that are connected to the cloud. According to the report:

“Every weekday morning, 135 million U.S. adults drive a car to work, with commutes ranging from as little as 15 minutes to over an hour. During this daily grind, motorists are driving $212 billion in commerce as they drive to and from their workplaces and homes. Forty percent of these commuters spend over $18.7 billion getting their daily caffeine fix, while 54 percent order ahead and pay for food, influencing $47.3 billion in commerce every year.”

If you missed CES this year, there’s always next year when we expect to see even more voice-enabled vehicles and devices as the adoption of the technology continues to grow exponentially. What product or device would you love to talk to instead of typing and swiping?

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