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Dec 01, 2018

Top 15 Voice AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Written by Lolitta Tracy

For decades, we’ve been glued to our screens, clicking, tapping and then swiping to access information. But innovation in voice AI is driving a whole new era of interactivity. We’re now able to communicate with phones, cars, wearables, smart speakers and other devices in the same way we talk to each other, just by using our voice.

By 2022, it is predicted that almost half of U.S. households* will be using smart speakers with voice assistants. Voice interfaces are also being built into our cars, phones, shopping experiences, and even home appliances—and it won’t be long before they’re fully embedded in every dimension of our daily lives.

We’re steadily moving into a “voice-first” world but how do we keep up with all the technological advancements and market trends? By turning to the experts, of course!

There are many notable influencers on Twitter and for this list we picked a handful of them that are actively posting about voice AI. From academics to engineers, and journalists to entrepreneurs, these 15 experts will keep you up-to-date on how voice AI is evolving from a novelty to a must-have for businesses across industries.

Joan Palmiter Bajorek | @joanbajorek

Speech technologist, linguist, and PhD candidate at University of Arizona, Joan is a vocal advocate for women working in voice AI and has founded the @WomenInVoice international community.

Trevor Cox | @trevor_cox

Acoustical engineer at Salford University, radio presenter, and author of Now You’re Talking and Sonic Wonderland. Trevor holds a PhD in acoustics and has decades of experience in this field.

Heidi Culbertson | @hculbertson

Founder and CEO of Marvee, a voice-first design studio specializing in engaging older adults. Heidi is also a VUI consultant and speaker with 25 years of cross-discipline tech experience.

Lauren Golembiewski | @LaurenGolem

CEO and co-founder of Voxable, an agency that designs and develops voice interfaces for brands. Her background includes 10+ years of product and user experience design.

Dave Kemp | @Oaktree_Dave

Author of the FuturEar.co blog where he documents the rapid technological breakthroughs that are occurring in the hearables market including biometric sensors and voice assistants.

Bret Kinsella | @bretkinsella

Editor and publisher of Voicebot.ai and Voicebot podcast, the top destinations for news, research, and analysis of voice AI technology. He’s also the co-founder and CEO of Act with Edge, providing B2B marketing strategies for early stage tech startups.

Theo Lau | @psb_dc

Founder of Unconventional Ventures, speaker, and notable IoT writer. Theo has vast experience in FinTech that serves as the backbone of her voice AI work in the financial industry.

Katie McMahon | @KatieMc___

Business executive at SoundHound Inc., makers of the Houndify platform, the Hound voice assistant app, and the SoundHound music discovery app. A mobile tech industry pioneer, she launched the first Shazam app.

Bradley Metrock | @bmetrock

CEO of Score Publishing, home of VoiceFirst.FM podcast network and voice-first events. Score Publishing runs shows such as ‘This Week in Voice’ and ‘VUX World’ and events like the Alexa Conference and Voice of Healthcare Summit.


Cathy Pearl | @cpearl42

Author of the O’Reilly book Designing Voice User Interfaces, Cathy has been designing voice user interfaces (VUIs) since 1999.

Carl Robinson | @VoiceTechCarl

Voice emotion conversion engineer and host of the ‘Voice Tech Podcast.’ Carl creates voice AI content for the growing developer community.

Brian Roemmele | @BrianRoemmele

Researcher, scientist, speaker, and the most vocal voice-first expert to date who’s been building voice-enabled computers since the 1980s.

Kane Simms | @kanesimms

Digital services manager at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Kane tweets about VUI and VUX and is the host of the ‘VUX World Podcast.’

Amy Stapleton | @Talks2Bots

Co-founder of Tellables, focused on building conversational story games for talking devices. Her company leverages voice assistants to help authors and storytellers engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

Jeremy Wilken | @gnomeontherun

Software architect and developer expert for Google Assistant and Angular, Jeremy is also the host of the ‘Design for Voice Podcast’.

Lolitta Tracy is a writer, marketer, and climate activist. When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with her English bulldog, Sandwich.

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