Voice AI for Restaurant Phone Ordering

Take more food orders and maximize sales with a voice assistant for automated phone ordering.

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Your Full-Time Phone Ordering Assistant

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Maximize Sales

SoundHound’s voice assistant answers every call—even during peak hours—eliminating the busy signal, taking multiple orders simultaneously, and seamlessly processing the order and payment through your POS system.

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Take More Orders

While your staff is cooking, cleaning, serving food, and providing exceptional customer service, SoundHound’s voice assistant is on the phone answering questions about the menu and taking orders—increasing the number of orders processed and bringing value to your business.

Eliminate the Hold Time

No need to decide between taking a phone order and serving the guest in front of you. SoundHound’s voice AI for restaurants answers every call on the first ring and completes the transaction without putting callers on hold.

Save Money and Time

Staffing is costly and time consuming. An always-on voice assistant who knows your menu can staff the phones, so you don’t have to. Alleviate the time and effort to continuously train new employees and adjust schedules to ensure someone can take phone orders.

Provide Better Customer Service

Busy, hungry customers calling ahead for take-out rarely have the patience to be put on hold. A dedicated voice assistant provides helpful service every time and frees your staff to focus on quality food preparation and courteous delivery.

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“Our partnership with SoundHound allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to restaurants working with small profit margins and facing multiple challenges—including the high cost of rapid labor turnover and shortages. This integration provides our sellers with the tools they need to offer a consistently high-level of customer service.”

Bryan Solar
Head of Restaurants, Square

Easy Integration with Your POS System

SoundHound for Restaurants seamlessly integrates with Square’s POS system, automatically processing orders—with more POS integrations in the near future. Simply register for an account and complete the integration in 4 easy steps.

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Eliminate Phone Training

Say goodbye to endless staff training for phone etiquette, menu details, and payment collection. Once uploaded with your specific restaurant and menu information, the SoundHound voice assistant has all the information necessary to get your customers’ orders right every time. As your menu changes, updates are easy.

Increase Staff Efficiency

When a voice assistant is answering the phones, your employees can focus on food preparation and delivery of five-star experiences to customers. With SoundHound for Restaurants, you get an AI-powered staff member—one who is always on shift and ready to answer questions quickly and accurately.

Reduce Staffing Concerns

If you manage a restaurant, you want your staff to feel like family. In reality, restaurant workers are hard to find and harder to retain. SoundHound for Restaurants is like having a permanent employee who’s always there to answer the phones and deliver consistent customer service.

Consistent Service Everyday

What happens when 20% of your staff doesn’t show up for work on Saturday?
With a voice-enabled phone ordering system, there’s one less position you need to fill on understaffed days and assurance that you can handle the call volume for pick-up or delivery orders.


Monkey’s Subs

“It not only helps our customer service speed, but it also helps alleviate the extra stress that it puts on other employees. That’s huge.”

Victor Matchie
Manager, Monkey’s Subs

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