Uh, uh, come on
Yeah, yeah, Come on
Yeah, here we go

[Verse 1:]
They tried to bet it in my brain, and said it never change
Either win it in the anthem, they gon' say the name
Weren't the bentley or the phantom, you ain't said a thing man
It ain't wordy, plus it ain't dirty
Full time, Millionare, and ain't thirty
Anything out there, smooth and basic
Tennin' up, came from the school of mason
You know what's up, even my jewels await this
You would be a fool, to hate this
So came from the pool, of make this it's still the same floor
Wrist looking like a rainbow, and I know
It's better now, when you get rich, you want to settle down
Full speed ahead, we on the petal now
When it came man, you know I was never around
When the arm came, you know I was never found
What if I go, as you call, I can let 'em

[Chorus 2x:]
I know, I don't really do the weed, in high dro
I don't really do the freaks, as I hold
I know, I owe

[Verse 2:]
I want to coach like new rap, pull out the plays
Like X's and O's, Crow 2's, protech my flows
I deal with versions, like escomeoes
Ya'll seen me high, ya'll seen me low
Ya'll seen me fly, and ya'll seen me broked
Ya'll heard the beat, but I caught the flow
I seen the goal, when nobody want to know
You married now, what'chu mean, ooh ma ma
Really in mind I'm like, ooh nah nah
I got Millions, watchin' I can't go left
Cause if I do, then they go death
You know your man tyson, ain't been the same, since Indiana
Then coal being been the same, since Colorado
Aaliyah, Left Eye, they brought lots of sorrow
Me Myself from my heart, act to follow
I know you fat, You gonna stop tomorrow, uhh

[Chorus 2x:]

[Verse 3:]
Change the scenery, ya'll ain't seen the enemy
No dro and Hennessey, I don't need the energy
Save this energy, fo real the intitty
Back in the industry, just to let this enessy
Mean in me, and they treat me like an enemy
Yes ya'll remember me, but now it's like tenemy
They clone me, it's like everybody owe me
Who had try to phone, but God already warm me
Feel alone, I feel like a old lead
All eyes on him, to tell me why they own me
I gotta eat, I gotta live, I gotta ride
I gotta teach, I gotta preach, I gotta tie
So I need my money, right, right now
The real thing in the world, is in my life right now
I had to switch it up, kick it up, like, like, like now
I get the word, I put this mic right now, you wright that down

[Chorus 3x:]

Copyright: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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