About SoundHound

We believe every brand should have a voice and every person should be able to interact naturally with the products around them—by simply talking.

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Exceptional Voice Experiences for Every Business

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What We Do

SoundHound’s independent voice AI platform connects people to brands through customized conversational experiences that voice-enable products, services, and apps while giving companies access to their valuable data and analytics for greater control and brand ownership of the customer experience.

Voice-enable the world with conversational intelligence.

Create a voice AI platform that exceeds human capabilities and brings value and delight via an ecosystem of billions of products enhanced by innovation and monetization opportunities.

The SoundHound Story

SoundHound was born with a simple, yet powerful mission: Add voice AI to everything.

Keyvan Mohajer

“We believe every product and service should be voice-enabled and that every person should have the same access to technology through a simple interface. Voice AI is part of that promise, making life simpler, more convenient, and safer for more people.”

Keyvan Mohajer
Co-Founder & CEO, SoundHound

Our Leadership Team

Leadership Team Board of Directors
Keyvan Mohajer

Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

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Majid Emami

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer & Senior Vice President Engineering

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James Hom

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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Mike Zagorsek

Chief Operating Officer

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Nitesh Sharan

Chief Financial Officer

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Tim Stonehocker

Chief Technology Officer

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Kamyar Mohajer

Senior Executive Advisor

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Amir Arbabi

Senior Vice President, Business Development

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Warren Heit

Senior Vice President, Legal & General Counsel

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Our Investors

Awards and Recognition

Accolades for SoundHound’s advanced conversational intelligence solutions and the SoundHound Music app.


IoT Breakthrough Awards


Speech Industry Awards—Winner


Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award


The Webby Awards — Winner


Speech Industry Awards — Winner


Project Voice Award


Speech Technology People’s Choice Awards — Winner


Voice Summit Awards — Winner

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