Suite of Edge and Cloud Connectivity Options

Get the connectivity you need based on your product, users, and needs.

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Connectivity Tailored to Your Needs

Our Edge and Edge+Cloud solutions allow brands to optimize their voice-enabled products and devices with options ranging from fully-embedded to exclusively cloud-connected. Choose the solution that best fits your NLU requirements, CPU processing power, privacy, and device or app voice interface requirements.

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A Wide Range of Connectivity Solutions

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Process data locally without the privacy or connectivity concerns of the Internet with our fully-embedded solution. Get access to natural language commands with less CPU impact, a bundled wake word, and the ability to instantly update commands.

All the capabilities of EdgeLite with the added flexibility to access the cloud to answer queries or push product updates.

Fully-embedded solution with as much NLU as you need without the privacy concerns of the Internet. Includes full accessibility to custom commands and the ability to create custom domains for proprietary on-device functionality.

The capabilities of Edge with the flexibility of cloud connectivity. Deliver the level of cloud connectivity that best matches your product and users.

Equip your voice assistant with real-time data from the cloud, deliver the most relevant responses with no CPU or memory restrictions, and retain ownership of customer relationships with access to data and analytics.

Active Arbitration

Simultaneously send requests to embedded voice functions and the cloud to return the fastest, most accurate response. Deliver a seamless voice experience to your users regardless of the data source.

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Discovering the Possibilities of Voice Assistants on the Edge

Voice assistants on the edge are unlocking the possibilities for voice-enabled devices by lowering costs, reducing processing loads and privacy concerns, and the option for seamless cloud connectivity.

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Voice Assistants on the Edge Create Greater Value

SoundHound’s Edge, EdgeLite, Edge+Cloud, and Cloud-only connectivity solutions give manufacturers across industries greater choice in how they deliver voice experiences to their customers and increase product value.

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Capabilities That Scale With Your Business

Connectivity options that meet every product and user need.

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Flexible Solutions

From fully-embedded to cloud-only solutions, you choose the level of product functionality and cloud connection to simply push product updates or open up a world of knowledge through our library of content domains.

voice-enabled smart devices including a washing machine, TV, and Kiosk

Voice-Enabled Devices

From voice-enabled kiosks, to smart devices for the home, to medical equipment, to voice experiences for modern vehicles or any other product, we have the connectivity solution to bring your products to life.

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Simple or Complex

Our Edge solutions provide light NLU to handle simple commands or deliver fully-conversational advanced NLU for more complex devices.

Determine Your CPU Footprint 

We have solutions that can nestle in the smallest CPU footprint or provide expanded voice capabilities for larger CPU devices, allowing for greater functionality, cloud connectivity options, and conversational interactions.

Control Your Data

Gain access to data and determine how it is collected, analyzed, and stored. Our Edge products provide the greatest level of data choice and flexibility to improve and optimize product performance.

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