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Advanced acoustic and language modeling for superior speech-to-text accuracy

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Unparalleled Understanding and Accuracy 

SoundHound’s ASR delivers higher sentence accuracy through our Speech-to-Meaning® technology and a richer context for recognizing words. The integration of our NLU components enables our neural network-based ASR to transcribe complex speech with greater precision.

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Our Neural Network-Based Automated Speech Recognition

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Large Vocabulary with Accuracy

Our highly optimized, tunable, and scalable ASR engine supports vocabulary sizes containing millions of words. SoundHound’s machine learning infrastructure allows us to tune the engine to achieve optimal CPU performance, while delivering higher accuracy rates.

Our deep learning architecture uses sophisticated training methods in a variety of real-world scenarios—including different acoustic conditions, speaker variations, and application domains—for the highest accuracy.

Neural Network Language models integrated with elements of NLU allow our ASR to understand the context of the spoken word and deliver higher-quality statistical models in the presence of compound sentences—resulting in increased transcription accuracy.

Dynamically augment your ASR client to accurately understand your unique lexicon and deliver more accurate results. Simply upload grammars containing new phrases and vocabularies for instant augmentation.

Exceptional Results in Any Environment

Highly-accurate advanced acoustic models trained to perform in a variety of scenarios.

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A Suite of Edge Connectivity Solutions

Optimize your voice-enabled products with connectivity options ranging from fully-embedded or hybrid to exclusively cloud-connected. Choose the solution that best fits your NLU requirements, CPU processing power, and privacy requirements.

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Customized Field Data Augmentation

Noisy environments present unique challenges for ASR. By augmenting our data with the unique characteristics of your user’s environment, such as ambient noise, multiple speakers, and echos, we are able to deliver ASR models with unprecedented accuracy.

AI-Powered Voice Assistant for Video Conferencing and Meetings

SoundHound’s advanced voice AI transforms video calls and meetings into efficient, convenient, and hands-free experiences featuring highly-accurate transcription and speaker ID capabilities.

SoundHound Provides an End-to-End Voice AI Tech Stack

Custom vocabulary

Custom pronunciation


Confidence score

Timestamp generation

Speaker ID

Speaker verification

Real-time streaming

Connectivity options

At-rest encryption

Custom vocabulary

Upload, train, and transcribe terms for enhancing accuracy of domain-specific words or phrases that are relevant to your unique use case.

Custom pronunciation

Customize pronunciation of uncommon terms, acronyms, names, or other words.


SSL-secured data transfers that protect media and transcripts.

Confidence score

Measure the degree of accuracy for the transcription response.

Timestamp generation

Generate timestamps for each word in milliseconds.

Speaker ID

Determine who is speaking.

Speaker verification

Accept or reject the identity claimed by a speaker.

Real-time streaming

Stream audio and transcriptions to and from content platforms in real-time.

Connectivity options

Choose from fully-embedded to hybrid to cloud-only connectivity.

At-rest encryption

Encrypt the output from a transcription job at secure storage.

Speak the Language of Your Users

If you’re a multinational company or you may be one in the future, your voice assistant must speak more languages.

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Multiple Languages 

Our growing library of languages provides the data necessary to quickly train highly-accurate models for new languages. We currently support 25 of the world’s most popular languages with more in development.

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Accented Language Accuracy

Our acoustic models are exposed to robust training data that cover a wide range of subjects— from both native language and second language speakers—and include distinct regional models for large populations with known variations and accents.

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