Accurately scan and report copyrighted material in User Generated Content (UGC)

Save time and money with accurate, real-time music copyright identification.

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European Legislation to Go Global

Europe’s recent legislation moves responsibility from the rights holder to the platform. As a result, platforms are required to either license copyrighted videos and songs in their users’ uploads or remove them. Similar policies are currently under consideration in many countries, and platforms should be seeking solutions now to plan for this legislation.


Solutions for UGC Platform Owners

Save Time and Money

Save money and time discovering, cataloging, and reporting copyrighted User Generated Content on our platform with automated music recognition and reporting that accurately identifies music—even in the presence of other noise.

Quickly clear your reporting backlog and begin delivering real-time reports to performance rights organizations to avoid legal costs and lawsuits due to copyright infringements created by User Generated Content.

Beyond song identification, knowing length of play for each instance of copyrighted material can significantly affect the amount you owe in mechanical royalties.

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Accurate and Timely Reporting

Automatically identify music, length of play, date and time, and artist included in UGC.

Identify Music in Noisy Environments

SoundHound’s advanced music recognition technology accurately identifies music played in the background, even in the presence of other noises and talking over the track. Eliminate the frustration, uncertainty, and time commitment of listening for copyrighted material in videos.

Advanced Music Identification

Our SoundHound Music app has received over 315 million downloads worldwide and continues to thrive as a top-ranked music app today. Regardless of the environment and other ambient noise, SoundHound recognizes the music playing in the background. 

Royalty Discounts

Enjoy royalty discounts from performance rights organizations for accurate and timely reports. Save money and the guesswork of identifying rights holders for UGC.

Automated Report Creation

Eliminate manual copyright report creation with automated reports including artist’s name, song name, ISRC identifier for song track, and timestamp.

Accurate Mechanical Royalties

Focus on collecting mechanical royalties has increased along with the rise in streaming services and UGC. Get ahead of the trend with automated reports.

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