Conversational Language Understanding at the Speed of Thought

Understanding speech in real-time and creating meaning even as the user is talking. 

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Understanding Conversations in Real-Time

Easy, intuitive, and intelligent conversations between humans and voice assistants are made possible with SoundHound’s patented approach to Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies combine to give your voice assistant the power to address multiple questions and filter results simultaneously—delivering accurate, natural responses to complex requests.

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Conversational AI That’s More Human™ 

Fastest Comprehension 

SoundHound’s unique ability to process and understand speech in real-time gives voice assistants the ability to respond before the user has finished speaking.

Most Accurate Responses

Our advanced NLU understands context and responds accurately—discerning between words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.

Greater Understanding

Neural Wordifier™ improves understanding by modifying complex queries—and those that include poor diction or phrasing—to return accurate results.

Language Understanding Beyond the Spoken Word

SoundHound’s proprietary Deep Meaning Understanding® technology understands user intent, addresses multiple questions, and filters results simultaneously to accurately and quickly answer the most complex questions.

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Complex and Compound Queries

SoundHound’s unique approach to NLU allows users to ask multiple questions that contain a complex set of variables, exclusions, and information that must be gathered across domains.

Eliminate the need to constantly repeat details from your original query. Our advanced Context Aware technology allows your customers to ask follow-up questions without starting the conversation over and modify or build on the conversation without having to repeat the context.

Double negatives can be confusing, but they are often used in everyday casual speech. SoundHound’s NLU delivers a deep level of accuracy and understanding even when users ask for things that include negations and double negations.


Instead of transcribing speech into text (ASR) and then passing the text into an NLU model, the SoundHound voice AI platform accomplishes both in one step, delivering faster and more accurate results.

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Independent Voice AI Platform

Our patented approach creates natural conversations between people and products.

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NLU Derived From Speech or Text

Our NLU is flexible enough to handle either text or speech. Whether it’s text-based input or spoken, we achieve unprecedented speed and accuracy.

25 Languages Supported

Not only does your voice assistant need to understand arbitrary, complex conversations in context, it needs to talk to every user in every market.

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Conversational Experiences for Your Brand

Partner with us to integrate a proprietary NLU that allows humans to interact with computers, information, and services the way we interact with each other, by speaking naturally.