A Dedicated Wake Word For Your Brand

Enhance your brand value when users ask for you by name.

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Let Customers Ask for You by Name

Establish your customized voice experience with a branded wake word of your own. Deepen user engagement, increase brand affinity, and inspire loyalty when your users ask for you by name every time they interact with your product.

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Fast and Accurate Wake Words

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Wake Word Accuracy 

We use advanced machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to synthesize a wide range of training data to create the most robust wake word models with highest response accuracy in the market.

Creating a customized, branded wake word doesn’t have to slow the time to market for your voice assistant. Our comprehensive data collection and labeling processes enable us to build and deliver your fully-developed wake word in just a few weeks.

We provide our partners with ongoing wake word improvement services. Our long-term commitment to fine-tuning your wake word performance using in-production data ensures delivery of the most reliable and responsive wake word possible.

Accelerate data validation time and get your voice assistant to production in your environment sooner. We’ll deliver a low-cost, branded wake word quickly to use in production or as a POC.

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Advanced Wake Word Technology

False Positive Suppression

Maximize wake word performance in any environment. Our broad augmentation and audio detection eliminate false positive triggers—ensuring your wake word is responsive and reliable.

Biometric Speaker ID

Highly-accurate identification of individual speakers for customized responses. Programmable voice verification allows for personalized experiences in multi-user environments.

Flexible Phrase Spotter

Developers can integrate third-party assistants—such as Alexa and Google—alongside their own with minimal CPU impact and the ability to switch between assistants in real-time.

Locally Embedded

Embedded wake words decrease response times and eliminate reliance on the cloud to trigger your voice assistant—operating seamlessly in all cloud-connected and embedded-only environments.

On-Going Optimization

We provide ongoing wake word improvement services and fine-tuning your wake word performance using in-production data to ensure the most reliable and responsive wake word possible.

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