Powering Innovative Voice Experiences for Automakers

Leverage SoundHound’s highly-advanced, fully-independent Voice AI platform to build a custom, fully-owned experience in your vehicles.

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SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive

Fully-Integrated Generative AI Capabilities

Go from the basics to the highly-advanced. SoundHound integrates with dozens of knowledge domains, pulling real-time data like weather, sports, stocks, flight status, restaurants, and many more. We combine this with cutting-edge large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to deliver the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive responses.

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Vehicle Intelligence Provides Instant Hands-Free Access To The Car Manual

In a fast-paced, digitized world drivers want instant access to information about their vehicle without having to pull over or spend time leafing through a physical manual. Now SoundHound’s Vehicle Intelligence domain uses AI and large language models to answer almost any question a user asks about a car’s functionality, maintenance, or repair – all completely hands-free via natural speech.

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SoundHound Powers In-car Voice Experience for Top Automakers

Mercedes-Benz MBUX

mercedes-benz logo

“Partnering with SoundHound and integrating such a natural, conversational voice interface in our vehicles, allows the driving experience to become even more intuitive.”

Sajjad Khan
CTO and Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG
Hyundai logo

“Sophisticated voice recognition and AI integration are core to effectively providing drivers with the massive content and data that future connected vehicles have to offer.”

Paul Choo
Director Infotainment Development Group, Hyundai Motor Company
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“The powerful hybrid cloud and embedded connectivity of SoundHound’s Voice AI platform allows us to deliver always-on voice experiences for customers on the go.”

Alexandre Fromion
Senior Expert Connectivity & Infotainment, Stellantis
Honda logo

“Honda’s development of next-generation connectivity can clearly be seen with the launch of features such as Honda Personal Assistant and My Honda+.”

Tom Gardner
SVP, Honda Motor Europe
KIA electric vehicle with voice AI
KIA logo

“With Houndify technology in Seltos, our customers will have the convenience of giving voice commands to their cars without any tone modulation. We will set new benchmarks for in-car voice command technology in the Indian automobile industry.”

Manohar Bhat
VP & Head of Sales & Marketing, Kia Motors


How Generative AI Will Help Automakers Build Great In-Car Experiences

Understand your users’ readiness for advanced Generative AI features and discover the potential to boost satisfaction among the 42% of highly satisfied and 63% of generally satisfied Voice AI users.

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Custom-Fit to Your Needs

SoundHound provides a rich, white-labeled voice experience without having to build from scratch or offload to big tech platforms.


Full branding, customization and differentiation

Nearly 20 years building proven, scalable Voice Al solutions

Allows for embedded and/or cloud functionality

Access to the entire catalog of available domains

No phone is required. Platform & hardware agnostic

Custom domains for driver controls and vehicle info

Flexible integrations

No Branding

No customized UX

Users & data belong to an external company

Subject to unexpected UX/UI changes

Many dependencies you don’t control

No custom commands or vehicle info

Misaligned incentives

Recreating systems that already exist

Unnecessary consumption of your IT & engineering talent

Adds more layers of complexity to development cycles

No ready-made components or libraries available to help

Extra years of development work

Integrations alone become full-on initiatives

Handles Complex Queries and Follow Up Conversations

Our patented Deep Meaning Understanding® technology blends the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) processes together to make generated responses faster, more accurate, and more conversational – just like speaking with a human.

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Always-on Hybrid Edge + Cloud Connectivity

Our Edge+Cloud Connectivity Solutions allow automakers to optimize their in-car voice experiences with options ranging from fully-embedded to exclusively cloud-connected. Our Active Arbitration instantly delivers responses regardless of data source—embedded or in the cloud.

a man talking to his voice-enabled car

Build a High-Performance, Constantly-Improving In-Car Voice Assistant

Beyond Basic Command & Control

Leave the step-by-step voice menus behind and deliver conversational, convenient, and faster voice experiences that add value and revenue opportunities.

Reduce distractions by letting drivers keep their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and ears focused on what’s happening.

We support 25 of the world’s most popular languages and their corresponding heavily-accented speech.

Seamless integration creates the UX you want in a cost-efficient way. Out of the box integration with Android Auto.

Broad augmentation detection, rigorous testing, and custom data sets for a range of background noises at varying distances.

Own your brand and UX with a customized wake word like “Hey Hyundai” or “Hey BMW”.

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A Growing Library of Hundreds of Content Domains to Bring Your In-Car Infotainment System to Life

Leverage our library of 100+ public domains and develop your own custom domains.

A Global Presence to Support Global Auto OEMs

Whether you require a complete solution or just certain components, we will work with you at any stage of your development. We have all the technology and tools you need to build an independent voice assistant.

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Keyvan Mohajer

It’s critical that our integrated voice Al is the best on the market – both in terms of its technical capabilities and its user-friendliness. We are impressed by SoundHound’s voice AI and we’re excited for the opportunity to work together to provide drivers with a way of controlling their in-vehicle digital experience system that is as smart and intuitive as with any of their other devices.

Albert Jordan
VP / GM, Ignite Automotive Cloud

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