SoundHound’s Voice AI Technology Processes Speech Like the Human Brain

SoundHound’s proprietary voice technology delivers better speed, accuracy, and a more natural conversational experience. 

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Advanced Conversational Intelligence

SoundHound’s proprietary technology was built to understand the complexity of speech and interpret meaning—just like the human brain.

For businesses who want to create their own branded voice experiences—and not just add a Big Tech voice assistant—SoundHound’s independent voice AI platform is a strategic choice. 

Avoid the data black hole. Leverage our core tech while maintaining transparency and access to usage data and analytics that can optimize the experience.

Voice technology is advanced AI—and companies quickly realize they need to partner. We provide core voice technology so you can focus on the experience you want your users to have.  

SoundHound is actively building monetization opportunities across our ecosystem of millions of devices, cars, applications, and services—helping our customers unlock new revenue streams through voice.  

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Speech Understanding at the Speed of Thought

Conversational intelligence that works more like the human brain—processing speech and turning it into meaning in real-time.

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What Makes SoundHound’s Voice AI Platform Different


SoundHound surpasses traditional speech-to-text and text-to-meaning by processing speech in a single step, providing faster and more accurate results.

Deep Meaning

Just like the human brain can process context and complex questions, SoundHound can process queries with multiple criteria and with a deeper understanding of the user’s intent.

Dynamic Interaction™

Our multimodal interface allows customers to be understood in real-time, with instant audiovisual feedback and the ability to change or update queries using both voice and touchscreen.

Extensive Domains

Build your voice assistant’s knowledge base by creating private domains to customize the experience or access our library of 100+ public domains on topics like weather, travel info, points of interest, and more.

Custom Wake Words

Deepen user engagement, increase brand affinity, and inspire loyalty when your users ask for you by name every time they interact with your product.

Over 25 Languages

Scale your voice experience across multiple languages with access to 25 of the world’s most popular languages and accent variations.

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Revenue Opportunities That Unlock Your Earnings Potential

See how easily SoundHound monetization moments open up revenue opportunities for your business.

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