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SoundHound’s End-to-End Voice AI Products

Branded Wake Words

Control your product voice experience, enhance your brand value, and deepen user engagement through a customized, branded wake word (or wake phrase) and let your users ask for you by name.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Beginning with the first word spoken by the user, our innovative ASR actively listens and processes complex language patterns, accurately capturing and transcribing user speech in real-time—even in the noisiest of environments.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

SoundHound’s (NLU) is built upon our Deep Meaning Understanding® technology, allowing voice assistants to interpret complex conversations containing multiple criteria, exclusions, and cross-domain compound queries—delivering greater understanding and the ability to respond conversationally.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

We don’t all sound alike, why should our voice assistants? Enhance your brand identity with a digital voice that engages your audiences and creates positive associations for your brand. Personalize your services, apps, or devices with an array of custom text-to-speech voice options.

Suite of Connectivity Options

Deliver the fastest, most accurate results whether your device or product is connected to the cloud, or not. Our Edge, Cloud, and Edge+Cloud connectivity solutions range from highly-efficient, low-footprint integrations to robust NLU-based voice experiences—with or without access to the cloud.

Multiple Languages

We support 25 languages with high accuracy, and our growing language library contains the data necessary to quickly train highly-accurate models for new languages.

Content Domains

Content domains allow our voice AI platform to respond to queries on a particular topic. For example, a weather domain, such as AccuWeather, allows SoundHound’s voice AI platform to understand questions such as, “What’s the temperature in San Francisco?” 

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Custom Domains

The ability to create customized domains gives brands the choice and flexibility to add specialized content that matches the needs of their customers.

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Library of Hundreds of Domains

Our growing library of proprietary content domains render accurate results for any query—including weather, navigation, local search, stocks, general knowledge, and more.

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SoundHound Music App

Discover and play your favorite songs by simply humming or singing. Sing along, get recommendations, and add to your playlists by just using your voice.

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Hound Voice Assistant

The Hound App—powered by SoundHound’s advanced voice AI technology—delivers the fastest, most accurate answers of any voice assistant available.

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