Public, Private, and Customizable Content Domains

Knowledge domains to create content-rich conversational experiences

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Broad Content for Intelligent Conversations

A vast library of domains to answer users’ questions and the ability to  create customized domains provides choice and flexibility to add the greatest value to your voice-enabled products.

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Accurate Answers to Complex Speech

Connected by a dynamic knowledge graph using our unique Query Glue®️ technology, SoundHound’s Voice AI works seamlessly across domains to deliver unprecedented accuracy to answer complex and compound queries.


Turn Data into Conversations

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Public Domains

Our library of over 100 domains is available with your free developer account. Get instant access to a broad range of public content to fit your unique use cases.

We’ll help you create customized domains with specialized knowledge to answer the questions your users will be asking. You decide if you want to make them public.

Fine-tune your voice experiences by modifying queries to match your users’ likely phrasing. Every domain provides the ability to customize with unique commands.

Better Technology for Greater Accuracy

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Dynamic Knowledge Graph

Connected on a dynamic knowledge graph, our domains are always learning and working together to deliver unprecedented accuracy. Select all the functionality you want without the burden of extra data sets you don’t need and expand your knowledge base over time.

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Query Glue®️

Query Glue allows the compounding of various pieces of information from distinct domains—allowing voice assistants to understand unique combinations of requests uttered in the same sentence.

Top Content Domains

Expand your voice search capabilities by accessing hundreds of domains available through the SoundHound Voice AI platform

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Local Search

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Lyric Search

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Flight Travel

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Gas & EV Station info

horoscope icon


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Job & Company Data

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Movies, Video & Entertainment Media

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Today in History

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Prescription Drugs

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See SoundHound Domain Partners in Action

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500,000 Recipes From BigOven

Developers now have access to over 500,000 food and drink recipes and information from Aisle Ahead Inc.’s BigOven domain, including recipe ideas, ingredients, and step-by-step cooking instructions.

 iHeartRadio content, including Live Radio, Artist Radio, and Podcasts, is now available as a content domain that SoundHound developers can add to any voice assistant. Include hands-free access to a vast library of free music and podcasts for your users.

Expanding Domain Partnerships

Our domain partnerships ensure SoundHound users get the most accurate responses to their questions through a growing library of content domains that is always expanding.

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Why Become a Strategic Business Partner?

Domain partnerships add value to voice assistants in every industry. We combine our partners’ subject matter expertise with SoundHound’s advanced voice AI technology to provide accurate answers for nearly every use case. 

A Bigger Audience for Your Data

Open an entirely new content distribution channel and give developers easy access to your domain data. 

Greater Monetization Possibilities

Our pricing models provide unique monetization opportunities across a broad range of voice applications.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Effective co-marketing opportunities and regular reporting extend your content visibility and tracking.

Become a content domain partner

Our Vision: Collective AI®

SoundHound’s Collective AI architecture allows for contribution and collaboration among developers where they can extend the functionality of existing Artificial Intelligence domains without needing to access (or even fully understand) them. This results in a Collective AI with comprehensive knowledge, that is always learning, is crowdsourced to domain experts, and is bigger than the sum of its parts.

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