Voice-Enable Any Smart Device Without Sacrificing Brand, Processing Power, or Privacy

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Conversational Voice Interface

Voice-enable your devices, increase product value, and get more choice and flexibility with our wide range of cloud and Edge connectivity solutions.



Forecasted number of IoT devices worldwide by 2022

Source: Business Insider



Percentage of brands already making a significant investment in voice

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Percentage of users that feel voice technology improves quality of life

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Fully-Customizable Voice-Enabled Device Solutions

Greater Product Value

Meet the growing demand for hands-free convenience—while maintaining brand independence—with a voice interface that doesn’t require a connection to a master device or an investment in the cloud.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

From embedded-only to cloud access, we have a solution for every product—including a cost-effective EdgeLite solution for manufacturers with a low memory footprint and no internet requirements

Data Privacy and Control

With our Edge connectivity solutions, device manufacturers can deliver personalization while preserving privacy by storing information locally on-device—preventing data from ever reaching the cloud

Independent Smart Home Solutions

As homes get smarter, brands can voice-enable their products and increase value with a conversational interface powered by the SoundHound voice AI platform. Our Edge, Edge+Cloud, and Cloud-Only solutions eliminate dependency on a third-party voice assistant.

“With SoundHound’s technology integrated into VIZIO TVs, we are able to make the ease of voice interactions part of the TV experience. Overall, remotes have never made finding content an easy task, but with voice, users can quickly find the content they want.”

David Rudnick
Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at VIZIO

Extend Your Brand With Voice Experiences

On-Device Voice Interactions

Edge and EdgeLite connectivity solutions end dependence on the cloud and create opportunities to add a fast and reliable voice interface to any product without the privacy concerns of the Internet.

We offer a combination of embedded and cloud connectivity to ensure your voice-enabled device can deliver the functionality your users need. Content domains and queries can operate locally or reach out to the cloud.

Our high-efficiency voice AI with cloud connectivity delivers nearly instantaneous, accurate answers and real-time data directly from the cloud.

SoundHound wake words are faster and more accurate—with or without the cloud. Build brand recognition and loyalty with a wake word all your own.

Personalize your voice experiences with an array of custom text-to-speech voice options, and voice-enable your product with up to 25 languages.

Add Voice AI to Every Smart Device or Mobile App




Remote Controls


Security cameras

Lamps and light switches

Bathroom mirrors and fixtures

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