SoundHound’s Advanced Voice AI is Powering Products, Devices, Services, and Apps Across Industries

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Exceptional Voice Experiences for Every Business

We believe every brand should have a voice. Through the power of our advanced voice AI, top brands are creating highly-responsive, custom voice experiences that allow them to retain brand identity, own their data, maintain customer relationships, and beat the competition.


Custom Voice Assistants for Leading Brands

MBUX Voice Assistant Drives Innovation

Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX infotainment system—powered by SoundHound’s cloud-based voice AI—has made driving safer, more convenient, and connected. The conversational interface makes it easy for drivers to ask questions such as, “I’m hungry,” and more complex questions like finding a particular type of restaurant.

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Pandora Voice Mode for Intuitive Music Experiences

Pandora offers a frictionless, hands-free, conversational way to discover new music, listen to old favorites, or simply find music to fit a mood. Built on SoundHound’s voice AI platform, Pandora’s in-app voice assistant with its custom wake word, “Hey Pandora,” delivers a tailored listening experience.

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Hyundai Brings Voice to Everyday Cars

SoundHound’s Edge+Cloud voice AI technology, music recognition software, voice commerce solution, and multiple-language conversational intelligence will be available in a broad range of Hyundai vehicle models globally including Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia—bringing the power of voice to everyday cars.

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Advanced Conversational Intelligence for Every Business

Solutions for Automotive

Solutions for Food Ordering

Solutions for Conference Rooms

Solutions for Banking

Custom Voices for Automotive

Learn how automakers are integrating voice AI into cars, connecting drivers and passengers to the world around them, and providing safer, hands-free experiences. Take a deep dive into the advanced technology that’s helping our auto partners build better voice interfaces.

Phone Ordering Solution for Restaurants

SoundHound’s voice AI-powered phone ordering solution frees restaurant staff from answering the phone, eliminates hold times, and improves ordering accuracy, while increasing revenue. Compatible with popular POS ordering systems, conversational assistants allow your customers to simply ask for what they want.

Voice-Enabled Conference Rooms

SoundHound Office allows teams to create, attend, and follow-up on meetings—improving collaboration and eliminating redundancies. Get a permanent transcript of the meeting to share with absentee members or review for clarification later.

AI-Powered Voice Assistant for Banking

Banks can deliver faster, more convenient, and always-on personalized customer service through voice-enabled apps and contact centers—while maintaining control of sensitive user data. Help new customers discover available services and communicate accurate account and loan information to existing customers.

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