Every phone call covered, powered by voice AI

Build your business a fully customizable voice assistant and never lose customers again because of missed calls.

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How Voice AI can help your business

Missed calls have a big impact on your bottom line. See how Voice AI can ensure your customers always receive excellent service when they call, and you never miss a new customer.



Press ‘Play’ to hear what Smart Answering would sound like for your business

Ideal for businesses fielding phone queries, Smart Answering offloads your team’s burden by deploying AI assistance around the clock, every day of the year. Answering questions like:

Real Estate

“Can you help me sell my house?”

Personal Care

“I want to book an appointment tomorrow”


“Do you offer gluten free options?”

Financial Services

“Can you help my small business file their tax return?”

Law Firms

“What support can you offer in writing a will?”


“Do you provide expert advice on online marketing for eCommerce?”

Repair Shops

“How much for an oil change?”

Home Services

“Can you service my dishwasher?”



Customize it, test it out, and refine our AI to work perfectly for your business

Website Redirect

Send web links via SMS to book appointments, reservations, or content that’s relevant to the callers’ specific inquiry.

Lead Collection

Collect detailed information from callers customized to your use case and immediately send alerts to the right employee.

Call Transfers

Set up call transfers to specific departments or employees.

Business Information

Provide information about value proposition, hours, location, products, pricing, policies, and more.

Getting Started: Talk to an expert and build a demo in minutes

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What users of Smart Answering are saying

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“It’s crazy that we’ve had virtually zero member complaints… Our Infocalls have dropped +90%”

Lyndsey Sellers
National Fitness Partners


Smart Answering works for most small and medium businesses including restaurants, salons and barber shops, professional and home services, retail stores, eCommerce sites, and more. Create a free demo for your business today in about 15 minutes, test it before you commit to see if it’s right for your business. If the phone calls you get are valuable to your business, Smart Answering can maximize that value.

You can customize your voice assistant to answer virtually any and every question your customers might ask on the phone, send callers important links to your website, take detailed messages for specific inquires like appointments, reservations, or consolation requests, route calls to different employees or departments.

Yes, Smart Answering uses your existing business phone number. You simply set up call forwarding on your existing business phone line which you can learn about here. You can also use the phone number we provide when you sign up if you prefer.

Yes, Smart Answering can handle a large volume of calls simultaneously and works 24/7/365.

Smart Answering is owned by SoundHound, who has built the leading independent voice AI platform, featuring a “full stack” of voice AI technologies including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Text to Speech (TTS). 

SoundHound uses the latest generative AI technology that allows you to build customized voice assistants in minutes that can accurately answer virtually any question customers may ask, while integrating with other communications channels like email and SMS.

With nearly 20 years of experience in voice AI, SoundHound’s technology delivers millions of fast, accurate, and more natural conversational experiences in automobiles, consumer devices, and for businesses.

Our limited time offer of $99 / month covers a single location. You can set up accounts for different locations, but if you’re interested in multi-location capability please contact us here and a sales representative will be in touch.

Your credit card will not be charged until after your free trial ends. Cancel anytime by submitting a support ticket in our Help Center and a customer success representative will quickly reach out to you.


Special, limited time offer!

For only $0.13/hour, let SoundHound answer 100% of your business’ calls!


*Promotion valid for up to 9 locations & 1500 calls / month

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