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The Frictionless Contact Center

Customers easily navigate your contact center and get immediate resolution or remain engaged as real-time transcription that interprets meaning and intent continues to assist a live agent.



of U.S. customers say the customer experience in most companies needs improvement

Source: PWC



of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experiences

Source: PWC



of American consumers want speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service

Sources: PWC


Speed, Convenience, Knowledgeable Help, Friendly Service

Conversational Menu Options

Eliminate frustration by allowing callers to simply ask for what they want and be understood, independent of prompts. SoundHound voice AI delivers fast and accurate responses to natural language queries.

Deliver frictionless customer service by quickly resolving caller needs or collecting information, immediately connecting them to the right agent, and then supporting the agent with transcription that helps bring meaning and intent to conversations.

Keep contact center costs down with a voice assistant that quickly and efficiently handles routine customer service queries, such as change of address, bill payment, account information, and more.

SoundHound’s environmental filters and performance-enhancing technologies—including broader voice detection and augmentation, rigorous testing, and custom data sets—create optimal call center experiences.

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Advanced Conversational AI Technology

Natural Conversations

Our Speech-to-Meaning® technology allows users to speak naturally—eliminating the need to push buttons, type, tap, and remember confusing prompts.

Context Aware™ 

Once a user has begun a series of requests, we allow them to modify or ask follow-up questions without having to start the conversation over.

Neural Wordifier™

Our machine learning module transforms complex queries and those that may return poor results—due to articulation or grammar—into structured speech.

Accurate Transcription

SoundHound’s robust ASR technology delivers accurate text transcription—even in the presence of stutters, accents, extra words, and imprecise speech.

Eliminate the Language Barrier

Provide answers and information to customers in their language of choice. We support 25 languages and accurately understand accented language.

Custom Solutions

Simplify navigation, accurately identify customer needs, and respond quickly with a voice experience that’s a perfect reflection of your brand.

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