Transcription That Understands Meaning

Get the insights you need with transcriptions that go beyond sounds and words to understand context and intent.

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Accurate Transcription in Real-Time

Built on advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and voice AI technologies that understand the context and intent of conversations, SoundHound’s Intelligent Transcription service processes multi-user conversations in real-time, diarizes them, and identifies topics and entities that trigger automation. Highly-accurate and readable text is created immediately—allowing companies to put that knowledge into action during live conversations.

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Deeper Understanding and Machine Learning Deliver Better Results

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Built to Understand Meaning and Intent

Our Intelligent Transcription moves beyond the spoken word to understand meaning and intent. Using AI-powered transcription technology, live conversations are modified even as the speaker is talking and result in highly-accurate transcriptions that are ideally suited for real-time use cases.

Our robust, highly-optimized ASR engine supports vocabularies with millions of words while operating with low latency and delivering accurate results in the noisiest environments including—in cars, other voices, and ambient music.

Intelligent Transcription quickly identifies custom topics, prebuilt topics, and speakers, and tags entities—like social security numbers, phone numbers, dates, times, and currency. Proper punctuation improves readability.

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SoundHound Intelligent Transcription

Real-time transcription that accurately identifies each speaker and understands topics and entities.

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Intelligent Transcription in Action

See how live transcription services provide faster, more accurate insights and empower agents to quickly resolve customer issues.

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Putting Knowledge into Action

Quickly and accurately capture, synthesize, and interpret meaning in real-time.

Multiple Formats and Applications

Intelligent Transcription is flexible enough to operate with the same accuracy and speed in any application. Get the same unmatched performance in pure digital (16Khz) or  telephony (8Khz) environments. We support a range of audio formats—including 8K or 16K, 8-bit PCM, 16-bit WAV, Opus, and Speex.

Continually Improving

Machine learning algorithms take transcription beyond turning words and sounds into text. Artificial intelligence allows the ASR engine to learn over time and discover the meaning of complex concepts based on previous conversations. We’re also continually expanding language support.

Topic Identification

Create custom topics to include unique phrases. We provide rebuilt topics to cover common areas—such as complaints, billing, returns, and service requests.

Entity Identification

Alleviate the need to review sensitive text. Intelligent Transcription automatically identifies and tags entities, including dates, times, currency amounts, telephone numbers, and social security numbers.

Real-Time, Accurate Speech Recognition

Intelligent Transcription streams conversations as they are happening with low latency and high accuracy—even in adverse conditions and noisy environments.

Smart Formatting

Improve readability and comprehension of transcripts formatted to include proper capitalization, punctuation, numbers, currency, dates, and more.


Improve transcription usability with accurate speaker identification—even during interruptions or when multiple speakers are in the same conversation.

Real-Time Reporting

Get statistics, charts, and billing reports. Instantaneous usage and wallboard numbers provide real-time call center usage metrics.

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