Streamline Processes and Serve-Up Efficient, Hands-Free Restaurant Voice Ordering Experiences

With cross-channel automation solutions for phone, drive-thru, kiosks and more

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Automate Food Ordering for Greater Efficiency and Convenience

Deliver fast, reliable, and more convenient dining experiences while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing staff dependencies.



of customers said they would visit a restaurant more often if self-service kiosks were offered.

Source: Tillster



of customers would prefer to order at a kiosk if the line is longer than 4 people.

Source: Tillster



increase in consumer spending when ordering through a self-service kiosk.

Source: PYMNTS

Introducing SoundHound Dynamic Interaction™

See SoundHound’s real-time multimodal interface which integrates voice, visuals, and touch–naturally.

Take the Heat Out of Customer Service and Boost the Bottom Line

Boost Efficiency and Service

When guests place orders through a voice-enabled ordering system, employees can focus on customer-centric tasks, such as delivering food, ensuring order satisfaction, and interacting with customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By simply using their voice, customers can place orders and ask for substitutions in an unhurried environment—giving them time to request side items, discover more options, and check for order accuracy.

Improve Safety and Hygiene

Gain a positive reputation for hygiene and improve cleanliness while safeguarding customers and employees through reduced physical contact with the addition of a voice-enabled ordering system.

Eliminate Peak Hour Backups

Reduce friction, ease peak hour backups, ensure orders are processed quickly and accurately every hour you are open, and free-up employees to prepare food and deliver better customer service.

Process Multiple Orders 

Support multiple food orders without increasing wait times with voice-enabled solutions for restaurants. Grow the bottom line while improving efficiency, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction.


Why Voice AI is on the Menu for Restaurants

Find out how to increase efficiencies and lower costs with voice AI for your restaurants. See how voice assistants free up your staff’s time to focus on important tasks like food prep and customer service.

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“The interface will have a voice and it will be a welcoming voice and friendly—just as if you’re talking to one of our team members. Part of the partnership is with a group called SoundHound, and they’ve done really great work in terms of voice and listening technology.”

Jamie Richardson
Vice President Marketing and PR, White Castle

Easier, More Convenient, and Safer Restaurant Experiences

Voice-Enabled Drive-Thru or Drive-In

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Reduce wait times and support multiple drive-in stalls or drive-thru lanes while lessening the workload for employees with a voice-enabled menu board.

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Lower operational costs and increase employee job satisfaction by automating the phone ordering process with a conversational voice assistant.

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Give your guests the freedom to order more without feeling rushed, and reduce the health risks of communal touch screens with voice-enabled kiosks.

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Lessen customer frustration with complex menus that require multiple types, swipes, and touches, and increase sales with a voice-enabled mobile app.

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Requests for refills, condiments, and side orders can be handled more efficiently—and delivered sooner—with a voice-enabled menu board on each table.

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“SoundHound’s conversational voice AI works seamlessly with our advanced technology solutions to deliver differentiated voice commerce opportunities to our business partners. Driving innovation and creating measurable benefit for merchants, as well as consumers, has been a priority for Mastercard, and partnering with a leader in voice AI furthers our mission to create voice ordering experiences that deliver real value.”

Pete Balsavias
Senior Vice President, Global Commerce Innovation Mastercard

Voice AI Solutions for Restaurants

Let us show you how we’re helping restaurants with customized voice AI solutions.