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Houndify for Hospitality

Enhance Guest Experiences with an In-Room Voice Assistant

Bring all the comforts and convenience of home to your guests with an in-room voice assistant—powered by Houndify. Delight guests with a voice concierge, seamlessly connecting them to services, room controls and outside information. Guests can adjust lighting and temperature, order room service, make restaurant reservations and more, hands-free! Inspire brand loyalty with unforgettable hotel and cruise experiences for a home away from home.

“Harman partnering with SoundHound Inc. allows hospitality providers to deliver a simple and pleasurable in-room experience for guests, whether it’s controlling the room environment or using it for concierge services.”

Engaging Guests With Voice Assistants

5-star guest experiences

Five-star Guest Experiences

Your guests are in search of exceptional travel experiences to share with friends and family. Exceed their expectations with the convenience and connectivity of a voice-activated room.

Keep the Conversation Natural

Keep the Conversation Natural

Natural language technology eliminates the lag time between your customer’s voice query and an accurate response. Deliver the kind of seamless and natural interactions that create meaningful connections with customers.

Treat Your Guests Like Royalty

Treat Your Guests Like Royalty

Roll out the red carpet for your loyalty programs members by remembering their preferences. Personalize experiences by owning and controlling your user data to offer the right information, at the right time, in the right place. Own your brand

A building with an arrow.79%

of hoteliers named voice-enabled technology as having the greatest potential in the near-future.

A smart speaker with a lamp beside it60%

of guests indicated they would likely use a voice assistant in their hotel rooms.

two hands doing a handshake85%

of relationships with businesses will not require human interaction by 2020.

The Houndify Advantage

Guest-First Experiences That Drive Business Value

With Houndify, you can customize and differentiate while solving guest challenges. Increase satisfaction, improve staff efficiency, and your boost your bottom line.

Own Your Brand Experience

Deepen customer relationships and increase loyalty with a branded wake word. Why let other voice assistant brands own your customer experience? Houndify is already helping hotel and cruise companies create custom voice assistants that are an extension of their brand.

Speak Their Language

Make sure every guest feels at home by providing information and access in multiple languages. Houndify currently supports 14+ languages including English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese—and we’re adding more all the time.

Houndify’s Next-Gen Voice AI


Combining Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) into one engine results in a Voice User Interface (VUI) that’s faster and more accurate than any other in the market.

Deep Meaning Understanding™

Our DMU technology allows people to ask questions and make multiple requests of in-room devices in the same way they’d talk to another person. Like saying: “Turn down the air conditioning, and where’s the gym?”

Context Aware

Allows guests to build on a conversation and ask follow-up questions like, “What time does it close?”

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Built for the Hospitality Industry

Houndify is best equipped to serve the needs of the hospitality sector including restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and more.

Replace Room Phones With 24X7 Assistance

Guests can control the comfort of their room and get 24-hour access to amenities and services. They can adjust TVs, lights and air-conditioning, order room service, contact housekeeping, request restaurant information and more, all without even getting out of bed.

Hundreds of Useful Domains

With hundreds of customizable domains, Houndify can be utilized to create solutions based on your exact needs. Key public domains include weather, music player, restaurant search, alarm, flight status, local search, currency converter, booking taxi/Uber and more.

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How to Get Started

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