Voice AI: The Future
of Auto Innovation
Voice AI is redefining in-car experiences by making them safer, smarter, more natural, and most importantly, hands-free. The automotive industry has made a significant leap forward in convenience and connectivity and voice is driving this revolution. Here are some interesting trends highlighting the impressive growth of this emerging market.
Voice adoption on the rise
This is a seismic shift and has huge implications for brands to think about. Consumers expect more connectivity and adoption continues to rise.
of internet users in 2020 use voice search and voice commands each month
in projected yearly voice commerce revenue by 2023
of large companies are using voice technology today
expect to be using voice with customers within two years
digital voice assistants will be in use by 2023
are already in use today
higher monthly usage of in-car voice assistants compared to smart speakers
of smart speaker users say they can’t live without their devices
But sometimes existing solutions aren’t good enough
Consumers can’t memorize lists of specific voice commands and many voice assistants are limited to a few domains. Users want a more natural voice interface that can answer any type of query – even complex and multi-part ones.
of voice assistant users are frustrated with the technology
of them find it takes two or more attempts to get the results they want
more inaccuracies when
non-American speakers
use a voice assistant
In-car usage is highest and auto makers are catching on
A larger share of U.S. consumers habitually use voice assistants in cars because the tech enables safer driving and increased convenience.
of new vehicles globally are projected to have embedded voice assistants by 2028
of voice users say technology makes them feel safer while driving
of customers are expected to use in-vehicle assistants by 2022
Top in-car voice assistant use cases by 2022
Play music
Integrating with at-home voice assistant
Booking service appointment
Voice shopping
Booking a cab/ride-share
Feedback to car manufacturer
Order mobility services
The dangers of texting and driving
14% of fatal car crashes
involve the improper use of cellphones while driving
14% of distracted driving deaths
were attributed to cell phone use
Users will be loyal to brands that build better experiences
Voice AI is helping humanize user experiences with natural interactions, driving revenue and bringing businesses closer to customers.
of managers believe voice is an important driver of customer satisfaction
of U.S. consumers prefer brands that keep up with customers’ changing expectations
of listeners agree that voice ads are easy to engage with
of listeners report loving interactive voice ads
more said they liked interactive voice ads
Are you ready for the voice-first future of auto?
Voice-enabled virtual assistants will play a key role in the increasingly autonomous cars of the future. Buyers will expect in-car assistants that can complete driving-related tasks and anticipate the owner’s needs.
value of connected car market by 2025
consumer vehicles that will be connected via telematics or by in-car apps by 2023
Connected car payment services of the future
Automatic Toll Payment
Third Party Retail Apps
Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance
Automatic Parking Payment
Fuel Payment
Electric Vehicle Charging
embedded OEM telematic systems shipped by 2024
compounded annual growth rate projected
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