SoundHound’s most powerful voice AI yet is now available in Stellantis vehicles

SoundHound Chat AI, the most powerful voice technology available today, can now be accessed by drivers of Stellantis vehicles in Europe, starting October 19, 2023.

Owners of the brand’s premium DS Automobiles in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK can take this sophisticated voice AI for a test drive by signing up for the pilot HERE.

Announced back in April, SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive was the first product to offer an in-vehicle voice assistant that combines Generative AI capabilities, like ChatGPT, with an established best-in-class voice assistant. The result is a hands-free solution that gives drivers and their passengers seamless access to a vast array of information domains – including Generative AI-powered answers, but also the kind of responses these large language models can’t currently handle, like real-time questions about navigation, weather, sports, stock, and flight status.

Example questions:

  • Show me French restaurants nearby
  • What are typical dishes I can order in a French restaurant in autumn?
  • What is the oldest restaurant in France?
  • Can you give me the address?

SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive also uses a proprietary approach to avoid misleading and unpredictable responses – known as “AI hallucinations” – which can result from technology that relies exclusively on Generative AI.

This integration with Stellantis vehicles marks an important step into a new era, not only for in-vehicle voice AI, but for the way that drivers and passengers will interact with their vehicles and request information into the future.

Learn more about SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive here, and the announcement from Stellantis here.