Harman and Houndify
Jun 17, 2019

Houndify and HARMAN Introduce Voice-Enabled Hospitality Solutions

We all know the frustration of being in an unfamiliar hotel room, unsure which light switches work where or the hassle of finding and flipping through the guest information booklet to find out the restaurant hours. Well, we see a future where you can simply ask your questions out loud in your room to access the answers you need. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership today with HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems.

SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify voice AI platform is joining forces with HARMAN’s hospitality cloud AI in order to bring the power of voice to future JBL-branded solutions for the hospitality industry.

This solution will provide sophisticated, voice-enabled “smart room” experiences for hotel guests. They will be able to use their natural, conversational voices to seamlessly navigate the hotel’s many offerings and features, as well as control room settings. Guests will also be able to stream music of their choice through a JBL speaker via Bluetooth.

In addition to providing guests with the “at home” comfort and convenience, they are typically familiar with in this voice-first era, the JBL solution will also help improve hotels’ business through increased on-property dwell time and revenues, along with reduced customer service expenses.

HARMAN is currently running pilot programs in hotels. We are excited to bring our leading voice technology to the hospitality market for the first time, through this partnership with HARMAN.

Read all about the partnership.

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