Dec 21, 2017

Hyundai Cars — Powered by Houndify

We are pleased to share a new Houndify partnership with Hyundai Motor Group, to bring voice-enabled AI to their cars starting in 2019.

Drivers in equipped vehicles will be able to use the cars’ Intelligent Personal Agent system, which will proactively predict their needs and control car functions — a first in the automotive world. When activated, the system reacts to the driver’s voice commands or questions to search for the requested information or complete a task.

In Hyundai cars powered by Houndify, drivers will be able to speak naturally to get helpful information, hands-free. Houndify’s unique ability to handle complex and compound searches enable the driver to make multiple commands in one statement, such as, ‘Hi Hyundai, can you navigate me to the nearest open gas station and close the sunroof?’

These vehicles will offer an array of other driver conveniences, such as the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, search destinations, search music, check the weather, and manage schedules. Additionally, the Intelligent Personal Agent supports a “Car-to-Home” service, enabling the driver to control electronic devices at home with simple voice commands. When the user says, “Tell me what the weather will be like tomorrow and turn off the lights in our living room,” the system recognizes two separate commands in the same sentence and completes each task separately.

SoundHound Inc. first partnered with Hyundai to natively integrate the SoundHound app into vehicle dashboards. Our teams continued to collaborate and co-developed an innovative voice experience tailored to the car, built using the Houndify platform.

Our voice-enabled AI has allowed Hyundai to safely and intelligently move the driving experience forward. Many of the new Houndify features utilized by Hyundai will be included in our platform soon, so stay tuned!

Read the press release.

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