Apple Watch and SoundHound
Feb 22, 2018

The All-New SoundHound Experience for Apple Watch is Here!

We’re incredibly excited to introduce the new SoundHound experience for Apple Watch! In 2015, SoundHound launched one of the first apps available for the watch. Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate on our mobile platforms with new technologies to deliver experiences users love.

Recently, Apple updated the capabilities of the Apple Watch allowing third-party apps deeper hardware access and the ability to run untethered to an iPhone. By capitalizing on these innovations, the SoundHound app for Apple Watch has become a faster, more intuitive music discovery experience, perfectly suited for those phone-free times.

This is the Watch app we’ve been dreaming of creating for our users.

For the first time, whenever an Apple Watch has an active internet connection (Cellular with the Apple Watch Series 3, Wi-Fi, or through an iPhone connection), users will be able access the Watch microphone to identify music playing around them in seconds. Included with the app are two SoundHound complications (app shortcuts) for your favorite watch face. By adding either, song identification or your music history are only a tap away.

Music is a core part of our DNA at SoundHound. Our watch experience is a fully immersive music app enabling you do to so much more than simply discover music. Immediately after identifying a song, real-time LiveLyrics® will display so you can follow or sing-along to that tune. Want to look up the chorus of a song in your history? It’s all there on SoundHound for Apple Watch.

The new capabilities mean you’ll be sporting the Apple watch in more places. From the beach, to the gym, or a night on the town, SoundHound is here for your music journey.

New to Apple Watch? Get started with SoundHound in a few easy steps!

  • Ensure your Apple Watch is paired to your iPhone and running the latest watchOS
  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of SoundHound (v8.5 in the App Store)
  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap ‘My Watch’
  • Scroll down the list of compatible apps and select SoundHound and tap INSTALL

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