Webby Award Winner Announcement
May 19, 2020

SoundHound and Pandora Win at the Webbys

We are truly honored and excited to announce that the SoundHound App is a 2020 Webby winner in the Apps, Mobile, and Voice Productivity (Voice) category. As an added bonus, we share the spotlight with our partner, Pandora as they also won a Webby in the Best Branded Voice Experience category for Voice Mode, which is powered by Houndify.

This is the second year that SoundHound Inc. has been nominated and won a Webby for its SoundHound music discovery and play app. Last year, the app won the 2019 Webby in the Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Music category as well as the People’s Choice Award in the same category.

The app is available for free and can be downloaded via SoundHound.com

SoundHound App Webby Winner

This is the first year that two of our partners have been nominated. Our partner, Mercedes-Benz, has been named an honoree in the Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Best Branded Voice Experience category for its MBUX infotainment system, also powered by Houndify.

The 2020 Webby Winners represent the organizations and individuals using digital technologies to uplift communities, and keep them entertained, inspired, and connected. As a Webby winner, our work was first singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category (it’s among the top 10% of all work entered) and then chosen as the number one entrant among the top 5 nominees. This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Webby Awards, considered the internet’s highest honor.

The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences choose the SoundHound App as the winner in the Productivity (Voice) category recognizing voice-enabled devices and apps that promote personal-and-workplace productivity, from schedules and workflows, to exercise trackers, list makers, etc., via voice interaction. With over 2.5 million votes, this year’s winners represent those using the Internet to inspire, connect, and respond to community needs. 

The Academy also selected our partner, Pandora, as the winner in the Best Branded Voice Experience category honoring voice-enabled apps and devices created on behalf of a brand that offers the most-superior user experience in terms of overall usability and functionality. Pandora’s voice mode is powered by Houndify’s independent Voice AI platform. Developers interested in exploring the Houndify platform can visit Houndify.com to learn more and register for a free trial.

Pandora’s Voice Mode—Powered by Houndify

Along with our partners, Pandora and Mercedes-Benz, SoundHound Inc. is dedicated to providing the best voice user experiences available. We believe every brand should have a voice. As the leading innovator of conversational technologies, we’re trusted by top brands around the globe. Houndify, our independent Voice AI platform, with 70,000+ users, allows brands to create custom voice assistants that deliver results with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Webby Award Gif

Our mission is to enable humans to interact with the things around them in the same way we interact with each other: by speaking naturally. We’re making that a reality through our SoundHound music discovery app and Hound voice assistant and through our strategic partnerships with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Deutsche Telekom, and Pandora. Today, our customized voice AI solutions allow people to talk to phones, cars, smart speakers, mobile apps, coffee machines, and every other part of the emerging ‘voice-first’ world. Learn more at SoundHound.com.

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