See Houndify in Action: Learn Why We’re the Top Choice for Automakers
Auto brands already know that custom in-car voice assistants are now essential to increase convenience, connectivity, and brand affinity. Discover what you need to do in order to develop a voice assistant that represents your brand successfully.
Houndify for Auto
Voice AI is redefining in-car experiences by making them safer, smarter, more natural and hands-free. With Houndify as a partner, leading automakers are making a significant leap forward in convenience and connectivity.
Our Auto Partners
Partnering with SoundHound Inc. and integrating such a natural, conversational voice interface in our vehicles, allows the driving experience to become even more intuitive.
Voice AI is the Future of
Auto Innovation
of searches will be made via voice by 2020
$2B - $26.5B
Growth in market for automotive AI hardware, software, and services by 2025
Consumer vehicles that will be connected via telematics or by in-car apps by 2023
The Houndify Advantage
Houndify's Next-Gen
Voice AI


Our technology combines Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) into one engine, resulting in dramatically increased speed & accuracy.
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Deep Meaning Understanding™

With DMU, users can ask complex, multi-part questions and filter results all at once. For example: “Where’s the nearest car wash and can you roll up the windows and turn on the AC?”

Control Your Brand and User Experience

With Houndify, you can customize and differentiate while retaining control over your brand and users.

Custom Wake Words

Make your product respond to any custom wake word or phrase of your choice like “Hey Mercedes...”

Own Your User Data

Own and control your user data as you continue to grow adoption and optimize user experiences.

Built for Auto

A Dual Hybrid Model

Houndify handles both online and offline functions, so users can still access in-car functions using voice control, even without cloud connectivity.

Over 150 Domains

With over 150 customizable domains, Houndify can be utilized to piece together your solution based on your exact needs. Key public domains include weather, navigation, local search, and more.

Supports 14+ Languages

Houndify supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese, and more to come.

Houndify Solutions
We have all the components to help bring your voice strategy to life. Contact us to discuss custom AI solutions that match your needs.
DEMO - See Houndify in Action
Take a Closer Look at the Next-Gen MBUX Voice Assistant
Mercedes-Benz’s award-winning MBUX infotainment system—powered by Houndify—is connecting drivers and passengers with voice-enabled access to cloud-based information like navigation, entertainment, sports scores, restaurant search, stock market updates and much more!
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PEUGEOT e-LEGEND Concept Car — Powered by Houndify
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