Human Like TTS for voice assistants
Dec 15, 2020

ReadSpeaker TTS Brings Humanlike Voices to Houndify Voice Assistants

Our partner, ReadSpeaker, the leading global voice specialist providing dozens of languages and lifelike voices for businesses is making its industry-leading text-to-speech technology available on the Houndify Voice AI platform. Developers using Houndify now have the ability to add hyper-personalized and lifelike voices to custom voice assistants.

The addition of ReadSpeaker’s custom neural text-to-speech (TTS) technology to the Houndify Voice AI platform provides companies with greater control over every aspect of their conversational UI, and access to the complete technology stack they need to extend their brand into voice experiences. Using custom TTS technology, brands have the ability to express their personality by choosing the exact gender, tone, and personality that will become their vocal brand identity.

As more and more companies adopt voice assistants for their products, services, and mobile apps, sonic branding is becoming a critical factor in brand differentiation. Soon, the sound of your voice assistant will be as important as your visual branding elements and as recognizable as your logo. An exclusive, custom voice provides immediate brand recognition and the ability to grow awareness and affinity, while meeting customer demands for personalization.

Custom TTS voices on Houndify are available in more than 30 languages and 90 voices, which can be tailored to correctly pronounce any word or phrase in your brand lexicon, and ensure that all brand and industry terms are pronounced according to brand guidelines. In addition, Houndify developers can add emotions to their branded voice assistant to certain key expressions.

The partnership with ReadSpeaker is a key factor in delivering voice user interfaces (VUIs) that exceed the typical criteria for naturalness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, and intonation. High quality TTS is available for any level of cloud connectivity from embedded voice solutions to hybrid environments with some cloud connectivity to cloud-only voice assistants.

Learn more about the partnership between SoundHound Inc. and ReadSpeaker here.

Developers interested in exploring Houndify’s independent voice AI platform can visit to register for a free account, or talk to us about how we can help you bring your voice strategy to life.

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