Introducing SoundBites for SoundHound
Jun 08, 2020

Discover More Music, Latest Artists, and Trending Albums with Soundbites

Keep up with the latest releases, the top songs in any genre, and the hottest albums with SoundHound’s newest music discovery feature, SoundBites. This fun, new feature will appear as orange rings at the top of your homepage as soon as you open the app. Take a deeper dive into SoundBites with Nibbles of information on trending artists, albums, song lyrics, music charts, and more. 

With SoundBites, you can easily discover and enjoy a variety of music content chosen just for you. We’ll help you discover popular songs and artists around the world, along with special playlists and everything in between. From there, you can tap or swipe Nibbles to get more information and listen to specific songs, artists, top albums, or curated playlists. 

Easy navigation to find, share, and save your music 

Digest SoundBites at your own pace. Swipe to explore any SoundBite and linger over Nibbles by tapping left or right to go back and forth. Here are some ways to enjoy the new feature:

  • Preview a song: Tap the play button to hear a 10-second music clip. 
  • Find out more: Get more information by tapping the song, artist, or album title.
  • Share: Share your music with friends via text or on your social media channels.
  • Save your favorites: Choose your favorite songs, artists, or albums to add them to your history to hear them again and again. 

SoundHound has always been a way to discover music around you. Now SoundBites gives you more ways to find musical gems and explore new and trending artists and albums.

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