SoundHound's new song, artist, and album pages
Sep 25, 2018

The Beauty in Music Discovery… SoundHound’s New Song, Artist, and Album Pages

We’ve updated our beloved SoundHound music app with a new look that puts the artists and music front and center — the result of a design rethink that focuses on where you spend the most time in the app. We simplified the song, artist, and album pages so you can immerse yourself in the music: listening, learning more about the artist, and singing along with LiveLyrics.

So fresh and so clean
The album art is the star of the show, so we emphasized that, keeping everything else minimal and easy to use.

Playback is a breeze
With a new streamlined layout, you won’t miss a beat. The play button is easier to find, so you can get right to it and start listening.

Share, favorite, connect
Share songs faster than ever before with our clearly displayed icons. We know you also love your playlists, so you can still easily connect to Apple Music or Spotify to automatically add your discoveries.

And for those of you who like to search with just your voice, don’t forget that SoundHound is powered by ‘Houndify’, our proprietary Voice AI technology. All you need to do is say things like:

  • “OK Hound… Add this song to my playlist.”
  • “OK Hound… Play ‘Young Blood’ by 5 Seconds of Summer.”
  • “OK Hound… Play my discoveries.”
  • “OK Hound… Play today’s top songs.’’
  • “OK Hound… What are the lyrics to ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran?”
  • “OK Hound… Where was Taylor Swift born?”
  • “OK Hound… What’s this song?

Check out the look and feel of our new track page and let us know what you think. Leave us a note below or follow us on Twitter for new music updates.

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