SoundHound 8 Music Discovery
Aug 30, 2017

SoundHound 8 — Music Discovery and Playback, Redefined

Your favorite music discovery and recognition app has an all-new look and feel! We’ve taken what you love most about SoundHound and made it faster, richer, easier to use, and enhanced the entire experience with voice control. Check it out now on iOS and Android!

The update gives SoundHound a streamlined new look, faster music discovery, ‘OK Hound…’ voice control, access to millions of free songs, and real-time lyrics as you listen. Discovering new music — either by tapping the iconic orange SoundHound button while music is playing or by humming or singing a song that’s stuck in your head — has been the hallmark feature of SoundHound. Now you can do that even more easily, using your voice.

SoundHound 8 comes equipped with ‘OK Hound…’, our proprietary voice AI technology, making SoundHound the first music recognition app to design a truly voice-first experience. You can search and play music by saying the wake phrase, “OK Hound…” or by tapping the microphone icon on the Play page. Try saying things like:

  • “OK Hound… what’s that song?”
  • “OK Hound… add this song to my playlist.”
  • “OK Hound… play ‘Hello’ by Adele.”
  • “OK Hound… play someone like Adele.”
  • “OK Hound… play my Discoveries.”
  • “OK Hound… play today’s top songs.’’
  • “OK Hound… show the lyrics to ‘Castle on the Hill.’”
  • “OK Hound… where was Katy Perry born?”

We also created a new type of listening experience for you. When you link your Apple Music or Spotify account, you’ll be able to create playlists from your discoveries, playback full tracks, and even sing along with LiveLyrics. If you don’t have those accounts, no worries — we have you covered with free YouTube and preview playback.

Since we launched the first version of SoundHound, more than 300 million people have downloaded the app to help discover and identify music playing around them. We’ve helped people all over the world discover billions of songs globally, and we’re not slowing down — there are many more exciting updates on the horizon.

And, as ever, we’d love to hear more about features you’d like to see. Comment below or contact us.

Now, check out the richness of SoundHound 8, and give “OK Hound…” a try! Download now on iOS and Android!

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