SoundHound Inc. engineer Ryosuke Yamamoto
Feb 17, 2020

Engineers Week Spotlight: Ryosuke Yamamoto

SoundHound Inc. is continuing its celebration of Engineers Week 2020 by profiling members of our engineering team. As a voice AI company with offices across the globe, we have engineers in many locations outside of the U.S. Today we’re featuring one of our international team members, Ryosuke Yamamoto, a senior software engineer in our Tokyo office.

Ryosuke graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology and has always loved modifying or creating computer games — a passion that led him to engineering. Ryosuke’s early interest in computer games explains his penchant for making our applications more enjoyable for our users. Here’s more from Ryosuke:

Q: What inspired you to take on a role in engineering?

A: Being able to express myself through programming. Early on, I made some modifications to video games to make them more fun. In my work, I cannot always make everything only as I want it to be, but it is still enjoyable. It is a pleasure to see our products become more fun.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at SoundHound Inc.?

A: I like that I can propose any feature and that I’m not limited to a specific domain — it’s my choice. It keeps me inspired. Of course, I have to finish jobs assigned to me first, and my proposals are not always accepted — but it keeps me interested.

Q: What inspires you about your work?

A: Messy old code and limited features that can be improved. I like to think of ways to do something in a smarter way and make it more fun — as long as the deadline permits that.

Q: If you could have one engineering superpower what would it be and why?

A: Honestly, I want to have a superpower to create documentation instantly. I love to create a logic model and write code, but leaving comments and documentation is not fun for me. But I do understand that reports and documentation are necessary to communicate with others and to demonstrate my contributions.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A: Outside of work, I enjoy playing and modifying or creating computer games. I’ve loved working on computer games since my childhood and it’s what has led me to engineering.

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