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Jan 07, 2019

On Repeat: Your Most Loved Songs of 2018

2018 was yet another incredible year in music both from established artists and a generation of new ones. SoundHound is proud to have been on the journey with you, helping millions of our users identify and discover the music you love. As we gear up for 2019, we looked up what topped the list of song discoveries, shares, and playlists in the SoundHound app to find all your favorites. We’ve compiled our findings into four categories with the top five songs for each.

The most discovered songs on SoundHound

Ed Sheeran wins this category with his ballad, “Perfect”. “Feel it Still” by Portugal the Man comes at a close second. Camila Cabello is the most popular with two songs in this top five — which makes perfect sense. Her music is beyond catchy, and SoundHound users evidently agree.

“Perfect” – Ed Sheeran

2. “Feel It Still” – Portugal. The Man

4. “Never Be the Same” – Camilla Cabello

5. “No Roots” – Alice Merton

The most shared songs

Sheeran and Cabello return with “Perfect” and “Never Be the Same” among the most shared songs on SoundHound. However, the runner-up this time is the country-pop melody “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line.

  1. “Perfect” – Ed Sheeran

2. “Meant to Be” – Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line

3. “You Make It Easy” – Jason Aldean

4. “Never Be the Same” – Camila Cabello

5. “Solo” – Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato

Songs most often added to playlists

These songs definitely have unique vibes that explain why they made so many people’s playlists. Not surprisingly, these hits ranked pretty high on our other top 5 lists as well. Adam Levine and his band gave us us a great song that we can dance to. Maybe you should add “Girls Like You” to a party playlist?

  1. “Perfect” – Ed Sheeran
  2. “Feel It Still” – Portugal. The Man
  3. “Never Be the Same” – Camila Cabello
  4. “Meant to Be” – Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line
  5. “Girls Like You” – Maroon 5

Songs most sung or hummed

These songs are a bit special — the ones that were identified most frequently through singing or humming into the SoundHound App. “I’m Yours” was widely popular in the mid-2000s when it first came out. After nearly 14 years, the tune is still stuck in our heads (even if we’ve forgotten the name). “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence is another great song. Still, we can’t help but feel its popularity stems from the various memes that developed from it.

  1. “I’m Yours”– Jason Mraz
  2. “Rolling in the Deep”– Adele
  3. “Bring Me To Life” – Evanescence
  4. “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis
  5. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Gotye feat. Kimbra

Conclusion: SoundHound users have a soft spot for love songs

Based on our findings, “Perfect” comes out on top three out of four times. And frankly, it is a perfect song. Ed Sheeran is the king of contemporary ballads with Jason Mraz following closely. Their lyrics fully embody the feelings of wonder and dizzying thoughts that come with falling in love.

And with that, we would like to theorize — more than anything — that the majority of SoundHound listeners dig emotional ballads about emotional song about romance, breakup and/or longing. You romantics, you!

Check out the playlists for these lists and more on the SoundHound app.

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