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SoundHound is the Only Voice AI Platform to Process Speech and Interpret Meaning Simultaneously

Differentiated Technology That Enables True Conversational Intelligence

An advanced conversational AI platform built on proprietary technology that delivers uniquely conversational voice experiences through customizations and complete data transparency.


Instead of the typical two-step process of transcribing speech into text and then back to speech, our platform accomplishes both of these tasks in one step—delivering faster, more accurate results.

Deep Meaning Understanding®

Using our proprietary technology, your voice assistant can address multiple questions and filter results simultaneously—understanding the user’s intent to answer complex questions.

Dynamic Interaction™

Our multimodal interface allows customers to be understood in real-time, with instant audiovisual feedback and the ability to change or update queries using both voice and touchscreen.

Always on: Suite of Edge Connectivity Technology

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Process data locally without the privacy or connectivity concerns of the Internet with our fully-embedded voice solution. Developers have access to natural language commands with less CPU impact, a bundled wake word, and the ability to instantly update commands.

The capabilities of EdgeLite with the flexibility to use the cloud to retrieve information or push product updates.

Fully-embedded voice AI solution with as much Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities as necessary for your purposes and to meet customer desires for hands-free convenience. Includes full accessibility to custom commands and the ability to create custom domains for proprietary on-device functionality.

The capabilities of Edge with the flexibility of cloud connectivity. Deliver the level of cloud connectivity that best matches your product and users.

Equip your voice assistant with real-time data and information from the cloud, deliver the most relevant responses to user queries with no restrictions of your device CPU and memory capabilities, and retain ownership of your customer relationships with access to data and analytics.

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Complete Customization:

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Custom Domains: (public and private)

We have the tools and expertise to help you create the custom domains necessary to meet your voice experience goals and provide the greatest brand value. Add your custom domain to our growing library of Public Domains or enhance your product functionality or proprietary operations with Private Domains.

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Custom Commands

Your product may need commands unique to its operation or context. We provide an easy, well-organized system for producing and storing those commands. Create as many custom commands as you want, easily store them, and continue to add to your own library as your product needs change and your voice assistant matures.

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Multiple Languages

We support 25 of the world’s most popular languages with more in development. What’s more, our robust training data includes distinct regional models for large populations with known variations and benchmarks to ensure future improvements. 

SoundHound Voice AI Platform Certifications

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For Developers

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Robust Developer Platform

SoundHound’s developer accounts provide an API Reference Index, RequestInfo, and CommandResult JSON formatting.Our SDKs provide for the following platforms: IOS, Android/aOS, C++, Windows C++, Wiced C++, C Sharp, Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and others. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

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Private Beta

Partner with us to add a variety of advanced technologies to your voice experience. Features in our private beta library include, fingerprint identification, voice biometrics, iris recognition, facial recognition, automatic language translation, image recognition, and more. If you have a requirement for a technology not listed here, talk to us and we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

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Collective AI®

SoundHound’s Collective AI architecture allows for contribution and collaboration among developers where they can extend the functionality of existing Artificial Intelligence domains without needing to access (or even fully understand) them. This results in a Collective AI with comprehensive knowledge, that is always learning, is crowdsourced to domain experts, and is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Collective AI®

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