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Automotive: Driving the Future With Voice AI

As connected cars continue to enter the IoT ecosystem, having a wholly-owned voice experience is key to future-proofing your brand. Our automotive-optimized Edge+Cloud solutions are already powering robust, independent voice experiences for automakers, including Stellantis, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz.

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Restaurants: Improve Food Ordering Efficiency and Maximize Sales

Alleviate staffing challenges, improve efficiency, and take more food orders with SoundHound’s voice AI for restaurants. We provide phone, drive-thru, drive-in, and kiosk food ordering solutions that deliver faster, more reliable, and more convenient dining experiences while improving your bottom line.

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Smart Devices: Voice-Enable Anything

Make your smart devices even smarter by voice-enabling the experience. Our suite of custom Edge and Edge+Cloud connectivity solutions give device manufacturers choice and flexibility, full transparency into data, and ownership of their customer relationships.

Solutions for smart devices
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Hospitality: All the Comforts of Home and More

Inspire brand loyalty, improve operational efficiencies, reduce staff dependencies, and lower costs with a SoundHound voice AI solution. Provide your guests with the ease and hygiene of in-room device voice controls and the convenience of always-on guest services to keep them coming back for more.

Solutions for hospitality
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Contact Centers: World-Class Customer Service

Fewer transfers, faster and more accurate responses, greater customer satisfaction, and improved agent success are all possible for call centers that employ SoundHound’s voice AI solutions. Allow your callers to interact conversationally, reduce friction, and improve efficiency.

Solutions for contact centers
Agent-assist in a call center

Mobile Apps: Hands-Free Interactivity

Increase user engagement, accelerate growth, unlock product value, and retain visibility into user data with a customized voice-enabled mobile app. Allow users to make complex requests, ask for features, and accomplish tasks without needing to know what they’re called or where they’re located in your menu.

Solutions for mobile apps
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Banking and Finance: Strengthening Customer Connections

Increase user engagement, accelerate growth, unlock product value, and deliver an omnichannel customer experience through SoundHound’s independent, customizable voice AI platform. Build meaningful customer connections, deliver enhanced self-service banking experiences, and maintain control of sensitive user data across mobile apps, call centers, chat features, ATMs and kiosks.

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Retail: Voice-Enabled Employee Productivity Tools

Improve customer service and efficiency through voice-enabled productivity tools that allow floor workers to quickly find inventory, check prices, and schedule deliveries. Add voice AI to existing apps and offer in-store voice assistants to meet a growing demand for seamless and contactless shopping experiences.

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Allow gamers to interact with games and each other by using just their voices. Advanced acoustic models and noise cancellation voice AI technologies allow developers to create voice experiences for apps and programs that are more accurate. Add neural TTS to provide an immersive experience and bring characters to life.

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Companies Trust SoundHound to Give Their Brand a Voice


a man talking to his TV remote
Vizio logo

“With SoundHound’s technology integrated into VIZIO TVs, we are able to make the ease of voice interactions part of the TV experience. With voice, users can quickly find the content they want.”

David Rudnick
Senior Vice President of Product Engineering
pandora logo
Pandora logo

“With Voice Mode, we are introducing an even more natural and conversational way for listeners to discover new music and enhance their experience directly in the Pandora mobile app.”

Chris Phillips
Chief Product Officer
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Stellantis logo

“The powerful hybrid cloud and embedded connectivity of SoundHound’s Voice AI platform allows us to deliver always-on voice experiences for customers on the go.”

Alexandre Fromion
Senior Expert Connectivity & Infotainment
Mastercard logo
mastercard logo

“SoundHound’s conversational voice AI works seamlessly with our advanced technology solutions to deliver differentiated voice commerce opportunities to our business partners. Partnering with a leader in voice AI furthers our mission to create voice ordering experiences that deliver real value.”

Pete Balsavias
Senior Vice President, Global Commerce Innovation
Qualcomm Snapdragon logo
Qualcomm logo

“Combining Qualcomm Technologies’ voice technology with SoundHound’s voice AI platform provides customers with the ability to customize their voice solutions and provide new user experiences, while maintaining transparency of user data.”

David Silva
Vice President, Product Management

Partnering with SoundHound

Partner with us and we’ll help you develop an advanced voice-enabled experience that will bring your products and services to life. Retain ownership of your brand and customer relationships through a wholly-owned voice assistant that gives you complete transparency into valuable user data and analytics.

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