CES Showroom floor
Jan 20, 2018

Reflections from CES: Powering Conversational Experiences with Voice

CES 2018

Coming out of a busy Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we’re reflecting on a power-packed week.

It’s clear that voice technology is now being seen as critical in the Internet of Things era, as products featuring voice control and AI dominated the conversation. We were proud to play an active role in showcasing our partners’ various products leveraging the Houndify Voice AI platform.

In close collaboration with these partners, we featured Houndified products across multiple categories: automotive, connected speakers, robotics, appliances, augmented reality experiences, smart home, and wearables. Participants on the CES show floor were able to interact with Houndify partners directly, including Hyundai, which exhibited its Intelligent Personal Agent that allows drivers and riders to control vehicle functions and request needs with voice.

Hyundai’s Intelligent Personal Agent demo

In the Robotics section of the show, our iPal integration, in partnership with AvatarMind, garnered attention from the crowd gathered around these cute and versatile robots. One of the top crowd-pleasing commands was “dance like Michael Jackson,” which makes the robot bust out some dance moves. iPal gave a glimpse of how robots will become instrumental in elder care, education, entertainment, and more.

AvatarMind’s iPal demo

In our suite, the ModiFace AR (Augmented Reality) makeup mirror demo captivated guests with its voice-controlled virtual makeover experience. Guests viewing BUNN’s concept demo across the room were blown away by the world’s first Houndified coffee machine. Visitors were able to seamlessly order “a large Costa Rica blend” and then ask “who won the game last night?” (and much more) while their cups of coffee brewed!

Overall, CES 2018 reinforced that voice technology will become an essential part of the product interaction experience. Focused innovation in this space is helping to build broad awareness and shape the category. The conference left us buzzing with possibility and promise for what is to come. As this shapes up to be a year of acceleration for voice strategies, SoundHound Inc. is ready to enable those executions through our independent Houndify platform.

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