SoundHound and Snapchat partnership
Jun 14, 2018

Snap Songs in SoundHound with Snapchat!

We’re excited to announce SoundHound as a launch partner for Snap Kit, Snap Inc.’s new third party integration platform for iOS and Android.

Snap Kit allows us to bring the emotion of SoundHound music discoveries to Snapchat’s 191 million daily users worldwide. Within the SoundHound app, users with Snapchat can create a customizable music Snap containing song details, an exclusive animation, innovative Snapchat effects, and a SoundHound playback link.

How do you create a SoundHound music Snap?

1. Open SoundHound and select a song by doing one of the following…

  • Tap the orange SoundHound button to capture a song playing around you.
  • Select a song from your History.
  • Search with your voice by saying “OK Hound… Show me song by artist”.(or tap the search icon and type)

2. On the song page, tap “Snap this song!”
A SoundHound music Snap will open containing song details, playback link, and an exclusive SoundHound animation

3. Customize your SoundHound music Snap with any of your favorite Snapchat stickers, Bitmojis, and other creative tools

4. When finished, tap “Send To” and select your friends!

SoundHound and Snapchat share a highly engaged millennial audience who embrace sharable content. We hope people around the world will love our new way to socialize the power and emotion of music.

Download SoundHound.

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