SoundHound AI to Showcase Next-Gen Voice AI Solutions at 2024 National Restaurant Association Show

  • Booth #6864 will feature AI-powered solutions for phone and drive-thru ordering, as well as voice technology to support employee efficiency
  • Experience live demos of SoundHound’s Dynamic Drive-Thru and Employee Assist Solutions
  • Learn about new, customizable, AI-driven Smart Answering call service
SoundHound AI welcomes attendees of the National Restaurant Association Show 2024 to experience best-in-class voice AI solutions at booth #6864

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— May 16, 2024 — SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN) (“SoundHound”), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, today announced that it will be welcoming attendees of the National Restaurant Association Show 2024 to experience its best-in-class voice AI solutions. 

The SoundHound AI booth #6864 will feature the company’s multi-channel integrated voice platform solutions for front of house, back of house, and off-premise dining, including voice-AI enabled ordering via phone, drive-thru, kiosk or any other connected devices. 

Live demonstrations will include the Dynamic Drive-Thru, which includes SoundHound’s flagship ordering interface, Dynamic Interaction – a multimodal experience that accommodates both voice and touch input, and responds with audiovisual output. There will also be an opportunity to try SoundHound’s Employee Assist, being showcased for the first time at the National Restaurant Association Show. Employee Assist is SoundHound’s category-defining voice AI tool for restaurant employees, delivering instant, hands-free answers to crucial questions via headsets or tablets. Using cutting-edge voice technology with generative AI capabilities, it acts as a personalized coach, enhancing employee training and efficiency.

SoundHound will also demonstrate its Smart Answering service, a fully-automated AI-driven call answering service that offers business-specific responses to inbound customer phone queries with answers from a company’s website, custom answers, or action responses like sending a relevant link via SMS, taking a message, or transferring a call – allowing staff to focus without unnecessary distractions. 

“The 2024 National Restaurant Association Show is an important arena for SoundHound AI to demonstrate how we’re driving innovation in voice AI technology, and empowering restaurants with cutting-edge solutions that deliver seamless customer interactions and increased efficiency,” said Ben Bellettini, SVP of Restaurant Sales at SoundHound. “From the drive-thru, to mobile in-app commerce, to behind the counter, we’re revolutionizing how restaurants engage with their customers, boosting sales, and streamlining operations.”

SoundHound AI envisions a restaurant experience where operational efficiency, staff well-being, and customer satisfaction all go hand in hand. Through every implementation, SoundHound’s voice AI helps restaurants drive sales and unburden overstretched employees by taking orders, answering questions, accepting modifications, upselling, and even training them while on the job. SoundHound’s advanced system uses patented voice AI that can understand natural human speech, meaning customers never have to modify their language or interact awkwardly with the system. 

This year, SoundHound is joining forces with Samsung, Stream, HME, and The Howard Company who will be providing first rate displays, enclosures, audio, and headset technology to support SoundHound’s demonstrations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SoundHound’s voice technology, please visit: Want to meet with a SoundHound expert at NRA in Chicago? Please contact our Director of Communications at [email protected]

About SoundHound AI 

SoundHound (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in conversational intelligence, offers voice AI solutions that let businesses offer incredible conversational experiences to their customers. Built on proprietary technology, SoundHound’s voice AI delivers best-in-class speed and accuracy in numerous languages to product creators across  automotive, TV, and IoT, and to customer service industries via groundbreaking AI-driven products like Smart Answering, Smart Ordering, and Dynamic Drive Thru, an AI-powered multimodal food ordering solution. Along with SoundHound Chat AI, a powerful voice assistant with integrated Generative AI, SoundHound powers millions of products and services, and processes billions of interactions each year for world class businesses. 

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