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Sep 13, 2019

Houndify Users Can Now Access 500,000+ Food and Drink Recipes from BigOven

SoundHound Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Aisle Ahead Inc. to add recipe data to Houndify’s Voice AI platform. Through Aisle Ahead’s extensive database of recipes for home cooks, BigOven,® Houndify developers will now have access to more than 500,000 food and drink recipes that can be made available via voice on apps and smart devices.

This partnership adds functionality for developers across a variety of industries who would like to provide their voice interface to users with the ability to access recipes, nutritional information and step-by-step cooking instructions.

With the addition of Aisle Ahead’s BigOven domain, users will be able to use simple voice commands to get recipe ideas and information.

Examples of voice queries include:

  • “Show me recipes for apple pie”
  • “Please give me an easy lasagna recipe.”
  • “Show me a recipe for grapefruit margaritas.”
  • “How many ounces in half a tablespoon?”

The domain also allows voice search by ingredients, time to cook, and a combination of filters. Sample queries include:

  • “Show me a red meat free, Chinese recipe, with eggs and green onions, that takes less than one hour to make”
  • “Show me Mexican main dishes that can be made in under 30 minutes.”
  • “Show me a recipe for salad without lettuce”

Through the BigOven domain, Houndify also allows users to ask follow-up questions, ensuring that the conversation is as seamless and as natural as asking your aunt for her favorite potluck recipe. For example:

  • “Show me a gluten-free recipe for bread…”
  • “Start cooking…”
  • “What’s the next step?”

Comprehensive, crowdsourced knowledge with Houndify’s Collective AI Alliance

As part of our mission to voice-enable the world around us, we’ve created a Collective AI architecture within the Houndify platform to allow for contribution and collaboration between developers, enabling them to extend the functionality of existing knowledge domains. The goal of shared domains is to accelerate the capabilities of voice AI in all its applications. This results in a global AI with comprehensive knowledge that is always learning, is crowdsourced to domain experts, and is larger than the sum of its parts.

Aisle Ahead is the only end-to-end digital commerce platform that connects millions of shoppers and cooks with grocers, from decision through checkout and beyond. The company’s award-winning app for iOS and Android, BigOven, gets home cooks organized and inspired — both in the kitchen and on-the-go.

Adding BigOven’s recipes to Houndify is a natural addition to the platform’s ever-expanding cache of hundreds of domains available to developers.

This latest partnership with Big Oven is a natural one for Houndify, and will enable developers of voice-enabled products to offer users more convenience and enjoyment in the kitchen, hands-free.

Some of Houndify’s growing list of domain partners include:

  • Yelp
  • Uber
  • AccuWeather
  • Sportradar
  • Xignite
  • FlightStats
  • Here
  • Tinbu

Read more about the partnership.

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